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Through the life of Nina Simone

No description

Cameron Pritchett

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Through the life of Nina Simone

Earlier Life Conclusion Nina Simone was originally named Eunice Kathleen Waymon The Church was where Nina started with music Started singing in the bar where she got the name Nina Simone Early in the Music career Nina Simone- I put a spell on you Nina was a unique singer that caught the attention of many Born in Tryon, NC on February 21st, 1933 Where it all started At first, classical music was all that Nina played and the community had trust in her with it. With classical music still being played by Nina, she was accepted in Julliard's School of Music "Nina" means the little one in Spanish and "Simone" was an actress by the name Simone Signoret. Nina finally got discovered and made a few hits. Later on her music career Nina moved to various places outside the United States. Nina Simone By: Cameron Pritchett 12/4/12 Places like Liberia, Barbados, England, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. U.S jazz veteran, Creed Taylor, convinced Nina to make another album .for his CTI Label Nina didn't like the album when released because it did not sound like the regular Nina; Unique and creative When Nina stared to be on her own she started to become depressed. No drugs were taken by her, but was feeling of depression was inside her. She later died in Carry-le-rout, Bouches-du-Rhone in April 21, 2003. Her work was phenomenal and will always be remembered by those who listened to her music People would always say that Nina was weird, but something about her will definitely catch your attention.
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