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The Mystery of High-Heeled Shoes : the Past and the Present

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chu judy

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of The Mystery of High-Heeled Shoes : the Past and the Present

It is said that those high heels were “invented by husbands who hoped the difficult movement would make illicit liasons difficult.” Historically, the West and the East shared the same process through manipulation of high heels. Q1.Do you think that the height of high-heeled shoes implies social standing and power? Q3.Do you think that high-heeled shoes are the remains of monarch? Q2.Do you think that women who wear high-heeled shoes with particular shape have the revelation of sexual allure? 11-20 30above 21-30 Maybe people do not really understand what feudal society is. And how life of women under male-dominated world like High-heeled shoes are fashion nowadays So,why not wear high-heeled shoes? The Mystery of High-Heeled Shoes: the Past and the Present Introduction Context Conclusion References A. To explore the unshakable position of high-heeled shoes in whether girls and women's heart. B. Objective of the Research 1. The mysterious charm behind high heels 3. The motives to wear high heels 2. The myths behind high heels 1. Literature overview
2. Questionnaire C.Techniques A. Literature
Overview 1.The Symbol of Ultimate Social Status “The higher the heel,
the closer to the heaven.” -Rosetta Stone,196B.C. In his rein,high heels represented not only a fashion for a selected few,but also ultimate social status. FRENCH REVOLUTION 2. The Alluring Sexual Nature ‘Your Ladyship is nearer to heaven than when I saw you last by thee altitude of chopine.’- Hamlet (Act2, Svenve2) in 1600, Shakespeare. c. Jin Lien Pan's walking like a butterfly or a snake by wearing high heels. a. were used to identify prostitutes in ancient Rome b. making women's figure appear more charming, refined, and desirable. 3.Males’ Domination over Females LOTUS SHOES OF CHINA A philosophy of life B. Questionnaire and Analysis:
The Myth or the truth Living in a relatively democratic society, we have the rights to choose whatever shoes we prefer. Unlike what have been mentioned by the previous literary documents, the prestigious nowadays tend to reveal their social status by various name brand product. http://natachi.pixnet.net/blog/post/24434671-%E7%A9%BF%E8%91%97prada%E7%9A%84%
E6%83%A1%E9%AD%94-the-devil-wears-prada http://www.wretch.cc/blog/tactics/21523811 http://www.highheelshoemuseum.com/html/Walki
ngInHeels.html http://mommyish.com/​childrearing/​dress-shoes-holidays-girls-high​-heels-christmas-116/ http://www.shoera.com/2011/03/​19/​history-high-heels-dangerous-el​egance/ http://​www.independentaustralia.net/​2012/art/literature/​shakespeare-in-italy-in-adelaid​e/ http://big5.xinhuanet.com/​gate/big5/news.xinhuanet.com/​book/2008-11/10/​content_10334369.htm http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/​吶喊_(繪畫) http://www.desktopclass.com/​philosophy/philosophy.html http://www.wallchan.com/wallpaper/65179/ http://www.antoniottomanelli.com/why-fashion-high-
heel-shoes-are-womens-best-friends.html http://colorfully.eu/awesome-red-high-heels-shoes/ http://weheartit.com/search?page=5&query=high+heels http://weheartit.com/entry/36313973/via/VladimiraBojilova Angel Lin
Judy Chu
Julie Chien Reflections 3. Do you think that high heels are the remains of monarch? no comments! Q1: Do you think that the height of high heeled shoes implies social standing and power? 1- strongly disagree
3-no comment
5-strongly agree disagree! Do you think that women who wear high-heeled shoes with particular shape have the revelation of sexual allure? Audiences have the ability to distinguish the difference between imaginary storyies and reality. disagree?
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