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Fig 19 F Make Connections Across texts

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Jen Boyd Gonzales

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Fig 19 F Make Connections Across texts

Make Connections between two Separate Texts
Comparing Theme
Show What You Know
"The Mountaintop" v "The Most Beautiful Snake Ever"
Making Connections Between Two Separate Texts
- Often works contain unstated messages called
that can be applied in situations outside the text.
- At times works can have
similar themes
completely different subject matters.
Strategies for Connecting Texts
When you CONNECT two texts you find relationships between them.
You COMPARE AND CONTRAST texts to see how they are alike or different
Comparing Texts: Fiction vs Fact
Today's Agenda
Fig. 19F Make connections (e.g., thematic links, author analysis) between and across multiple texts of various genres, and provide textual evidence.
Find how the IDEAS connect
THEMES- the most important ideas or messages from the text
THEMATIC LINK- when two texts are connected by a common theme
AUTHOR ANALYSIS- comparing and contrasting the works of a single author
Does this author use the same theme over and over again?
Does this author keep their same writing style in everything they write?
Venn Diagrams are a great way to find connections
between texts:
It is important to think about the author
when reading a work to see if our knowledge of his life or other works can
help us understand the work better
- Connections between fictional pieces can be made when looking at
character types
and the
elements of plot.

- Texts of all
different genres
can share
similar themes

"Hurricanes" v "That Time of Year"
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