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University of Central Florida

No description

Darlandie Moise

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of University of Central Florida

Deans of College
Degrees Offered for Undergraduates
*Art Education, B.S.
*Early Childhood Development *Education, B.S.
*Elementary Education, B.S.
*English Language Arts Education, B.S.
*Mathematics Education, B.S.
*Science Education BS
*Social Science Education, B.S.
*Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.
*Technical Education and Industry Training B.S.
Degrees Offered for Graduates
College of Education & Human Performance
Admissions Requirements
About UCF
Address: 12494 University Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816

Contact Info:12494 University Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816

School Logo:
University of Central Florida
College History
They have more teachers than any other institutions in the state.
The college brings everyone together, students, faculty, schools, and community leaders, to provide certifications and degrees.

*Applied Learning and Instruction, M.A.
*Career and Technical Education, M.A. *Online Program
*Counselor Education
*School Psychology Ed.S.
*Sport and Exercise Science, M.S.
School mascot:

1. Elementary Education B.S.- prepares teacher candidates to work with different educational settings in grades K-6 and also with ESOL, and Reading Endorsement.
2.English L.A. Educations B.S.-.enables teacher candidates to take a variety of classes related to the development of secondary aged students as well as a set of English classes.
3.Mathematics Education B.S.- helps teacher candidates to take different classes relate to secondary aged students, and set of mathematics classes.
4.Social Science Education, B.S.- helps teacher candidates for a career as a social studies teacher in grades 6-12.
From all theses degrees you can get a teaching career.

The salary for these careers are
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