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Tiffany Maxwell of Silver Linings Playbook

No description

Bonnie Bering

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Tiffany Maxwell of Silver Linings Playbook


Name: Tiffany Maxwell
Lives: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: Unemployed (recently fired)
Characteristics: aggressive, moody, sexual,
doesn't care about what others think, bitter,
emotionally unintelligent, dedicated
*stop at 1:55*
Tiffany Maxwell
Silver Linings Playbook

Tiffany Maxwell's emotional intelligence, borderline personality disorder, self concept, and stunt in Erikson's theory of development all contribute to her eccentric personality and cynical view of the world.
Emotional Intelligence
*sorry it is a tad long.
However, here it accurately depicts her inability to convey and understand others emotions
Problems with regulating emotions and thoughts

Impulsive and reckless behavior

Unstable relationships with other people.
Borderline Personality Disorder
*After this scene, Tiffany then bursts
into tears when Pat says Tommy is dead,
falls into Pats arms, then slaps him and walks away.
She essentially goes from sexual to sad to angry in a matter of seconds
Inflated self image

Her ideal self

Positive self esteem
Self Concept
the image that we have of ourselves
*pardon the foul language, but here
she clearly demonstrates how she values herself
and how others value her
Until Tiffany meets Pat, she seems stuck in the "school age" from ages 6-12 yrs. old that focuses on obtaining a sense of competence and humility-- the acceptance of the course of her life
Erikson's Theory of Development
*here she seems to be flailing about in life not taking any potential consequences into consideration
Tiffany's problems seem to be related to both long term and short term stressors

Besides borderline personality disorder, none of her issues seem to be related to brain function, but rather to her environment
Final Diagnosis
Over the movie she clearly grows as a person, she has the potential to grow even more in her and Pat's future life together
*you don't have to watch the whole thing, but it's the best part of the movie and shows the final product of what her and Pat had been working on for so long.
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