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ISC Welcome Pack

Introduction to ISC, Labuan & Layup Process

Wahyuning Yurita Mohd Noor

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of ISC Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack Meet the Management Team About International Shipcare About Federal Territory of Labuan Saravanan Krishna - Operations Director Saravanan is a Chief Engineer with more than 10 years experience on LNG fleets. He is well known among the Malaysian Marine Circles and is also a Marine Examiner for the Malaysian Government. He is responsible for the day to day management of the base and is the senior most management representative in Labuan Mobile: +6017-818 1770 Email: saravanan@shipcare.com.my BBM: 28B8060D Terance Koh - HSSEQ Manager Ashwin is a professional engineer with BEM and hold an MBA in Finance. He has extensive experience in the offshore oil industry and project experience in shipyards. Ashwin will be the focal point for all non-layup and value added activities including mechanical, structural and other services. He will also be responsible for additional financial expenditures and customer relationship management Mobile: +6017-806 7992 Dharmenthran Sannasy - Routine Manager Dharma holds a valid chief ticket and has more than 10 years experience at sea. Dharma leads ISC's team of technical superintendents who will be responsible for maintaining the vessels during layup. His team will provide vessel routine maintenance, defect rectification, reporting and will be the client's focal point during the layup period Mohd Atikullah @ Ater - Layup Manager Ater is a qualified Marine Engineer with more than 7 years experience at sea. Ater will be the focal point from the time the vessel arrives till the time the vessel is handed over to ISC. He will assist in all activities relating to pre-layup, layup preparations and handing over Mobile: +6017-858 1077 Email: mohd.atikullah@shipcare.com.my BBM: 29CB9DE8 ESTABLISHED 1975. LAID UP MORE THAN 400 VESSELS. QUALIFIED & PROFESSIONAL TEAM. GAZETTED LAYUP ANCHORAGE Mobile: +6017-838 1770 Email: dharmenthran.sannasy@shipcare.com.my BBM: 28DD3738 FOREWORD Dear Customer, On behalf of the management & staff of International Shipcare, I welcome you to Labuan & ISC.

We understand the apprehension of owners laying up their vessels, especially those laying up for the first time. We would like to assure you that your assets are in the care of marine professionals who have laid up more than 400 ships over a span of 30 years.

You will find our team pleasant to deal with and always helpful and ready to assist you in any way.

We hope this welcome pack will give you a good picture on the layup process as well as provide you with some information on how to enjoy your stay in Labuan.

Once again, welcome to the layup experience and thank you for your patronage. GAVIN KRAMER Managing Director International Shipcare is one of the world's premier providers of vessel and rig layup services. The company has built a global reputation as a leader in its field and has an impeccable track records since setting up in 1975.

Initially formed to look after BP's surplus shipping tonnage, International Shipcare has evolved into a quality provider of layup and anchorage service to a growing list of vessel owners and operators in the shipping, energy and offshore industries. International Shipcare, formerly known as BP Shipcare is passionate about offering quality, value for money and peace of mind to our customers and we are proud of our achievement to date. We are totally committed to safety, in all aspects of our operations, which is teamed with a commitment to recruit and retain the highest quality staff. We also have invest heavily in our employee training, so we can offer highly-skilled expertise and unrivaled customer service. Our growing portfolio of satisfied clients is a tribute to our professionalism and quality.

Fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standard, International Shipcare can layup your vessel and keep it maintained and ready for its eventual return to service. Labuan Labuan is located 10km off the northwestern coasts of Borneo, adjacent to the state of Sabah. Also known as "The Pearl of Borneo". It covers an area of 95 kilometer square and has a population of 85,000 people.

Malaysia's only deep water anchorage, Labuan is situated strategically at the mouth of Brunei Bay and is free from hurricanes as well as typhoons. The weather in Labuan is mildly humid with the rainy seasons from August to September.

Crystal clear waters surround the Labuan Marine Park - famous for recreational pursuits ranging from wreck diving, snorkeling, sport fishing to kayaking and island hopping.

Popular onshore activities includes sightseeing, golfing as well as shopping as Labuan enjoys tax-free status and is an International Business and Financial Center. The Asian Supply Base in Labuan is the biggest Oil & Gas hub. Getting to Labuan International Shipcare is located at: The Asian Supply Base
Rancha-rancha Industrial Estate
87009 Labuan F. T.

Tel: +6(0)87 415 277
GPS Coordinates: 05 15.509”N, 115 14.426”E
Time Zone: GMT +8 About Labuan Email: terance.koh@shipcare.com.my
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