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Philosophy of Management

No description

Laura tenPas

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Philosophy of Management

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 The
Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c The Project Leader What is a Project? Leading vs Managing Putting a Team Together "The right people on the bus" Don't Forget About... Stakeholders References
Horwath, J. (2012). How do we manage? Project management in libraries: An investigation. Partnership: The Canadian Journal Of Library & Information Practice & Research, 7(1), 1-34. The Team Environment Mistakes are okay
Open to change
Initiative encouraged
Your opinion is important! Project Management:
Process & Team Leading LIBR 204
Laura ten Pas Assessment START A beginning: Temporary! & an end! Unique! King, N. (2013). Project management for assessment: A case study. Library Leadership & Management, 27(1/2), 1-9. Project
Life Cycle Planning Executing Monitoring/Controlling Closing Purpose
Goal A leader gives vision to the project and motivates the team with purpose May come from different departments Complimentary skills Initiating Team
Stakeholders Image Credit: Igor Chebotarev Image Credit: five-words.com.au Jange, S. (2012). Preparing LIS professionals for leadership. Library Philosophy & Practice, 31-42. Leading Managing IDENTIFY
Who CREATE Project Overview
What goals/objectives?
How to measure success?
What can go wrong? ASSIGN team roles & responsibilities Resources Time Tasks Image Credit: teamgantt.com Interest Availability Task Skills Where is the project? Where should the project be? SUCCESS Delegate: Leading by Facilitating REFLECT What worked? What didn't work? "Bringing in a project on time is wonderful; even better is doing so and being under budget.

That only happens through consistent monitoring, thinking ahead, and trying to anticipate problems and potential solutions."
-Evans & Ward Almost every information professional has to address "projects" many times... the activity calls for very thoughtful planning. (phew!) - Evans & Ward Operational Task-oriented Focused on present Future looking Vision Questioning People focused Inspiring Initiative Control Implements Relies on structure Sees part of picture Sees big picture Trust - J. Collins There is No I in TEAM Collins, J. (2005). Good to great and the social sectors: A monograph to accompany good to great: Why some companies make the leap … and others don't. Boulder, CO: Jim Collins. Evans, G.E., & Ward, P.L. (2007). Management basics for information professionals (2nd ed.). New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, Inc. "The growth
of projects in libraries is pervasive..." technology facility planning - J. A. Horwath partnerships new services "the implementation of project management has enabled more of the Libraries' projects to be completed on time. - University of Arizona Libraries "projects usually proceeded in fits & starts and sometimes did not even commence... - University of Western Australia P
C roblem solving eading nfluencing egotiating ommunicating communication is Shared values Project management is ideal for flattened hierarchies Enthusiasm "any person who has an interest in the outcome of the project"
- N. King Get input Get buy-in empower team with training don't micromanage listen give praise share vision & purpose put people first share responsibility People can lead in any role "a facilitator blends [the] role of visionary decisive leader with that of listening and empowering leader." S. Jange Chow, A., & Rich, M. (2013). The ideal qualities and tasks of library leaders: Perspectives of academic, public, school, and special library administrators. Library Leadership & Management, 27(1/2), 1-24. Inward Outward EMPATHY + VISION are the most desired traits in library administrators according to a recent survey. ....project management method has improved the conduct and outcome of UWA Library projects"
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