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America's Response to Fear in a post WW2 World

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Lexi Tennies

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of America's Response to Fear in a post WW2 World

America's Response to Fear in a post WW2 World
America's Response to Fear in WW2
Foreign Relations - America in WWII
When communism began to spread, America started to do anything to prevent it.
When the Soviet Union attempted to strangle Berlin, the United States flew nonstop missions to deliver much needed food, supplies and
Foreign Relations - 9 / 11
Similarly, America responded with some of the same tactics
Americans are quick to act and blame anything that may be relevant to these crimes. This culture is so quick to judge and form opinions without having the proper knowledge beforehand. Having such quick thoughts can and in many cases did result in life long consequences.
Works Cited
US History / English 11
Lexi Tennies
During World War II, America had a extreme fear of the spread of communism and they took drastic measures to avoid being taken over
Politically - If any citizen spoke out against the government, they were labeled as a communists and imprisoned
Intellectually - Americans with greater knowledge than the norm were thought to be participating in communist acts and were sent to prison
Artistically - Citizens caught doing "out of the ordinary" activities such as reading books or taking out their trash at a different time than others, were convicted of supporting communism
Legally - Any accusations of communism were to be investigated and this accusation really damaged superior reputations

So...What does this reveal about American Culture?
medicine - Known as the Berlin Airlift
America was ready to aid any country in need.
In America specifically, any relations with the Soviets were to be cut off and anyone suspected of supporting communism was to be reported and seen that justice was served
After 9/11, Americans were suspicious of anyone that looked muslim. Us Citizens brutally beat up a Seek man, thinking he was part of this hijacking. Since these attacks, Muslims have always been treated differently and with a little suspicion.
Dont Judge a Book by it's Cover
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