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Stuff Happens to Stupid People

All this stupid stuff people do that they shouldn't.

Ailis Donald

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Stuff Happens to Stupid People

Retard, USA Ailis Clancy age tweleve Fire Dude; Retard enemy #1 Stupid!! look what happens! TOLD YOU!!! RETARD!!!!! People do retarded things every day. Squirting brown mustard down a guy's shirt, failing a test that cost them the interum, ok mabye not EVERY day, but almost every day. But these people do it to the EXTREME!! I'm like, come on!!! Jumping off a bike in mid-air, people riding a motorcycle without sitting,(of coarse crashing eventually) setting yourself on fire!!!!!
My 13 year old uncle is less retarded!!(of coarse he throws fireworks in trash cans before they blow, but still...).
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