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The Anaconda Plan

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colin jinks

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Anaconda Plan

General-in-Chief Winfield Scott, the writer of the Anaconda Plan
Ironclads are not good for everything
Was This Strategy a Bust?
“We propose a powerful movement down the Mississippi to the Ocean, with a cordon of posts at proper points (…) the object being to clear out and keep open this great line of communication in connection with the strict blockade of the seaboard, so as to envelop the insurgent States and bring them to terms with less bloodshed than by any other plan."
Success Chart
Blockade Runners
As the war grew own lack of supplies devastated the south
Worked well against the Souths Strategy since the South relied on trading with other countries
Building the ships for the blockade raised the overall power of the Union's Navy
During Sherman's March to the Sea the cotton that was not sent out due to blockade was given to the North to be sold for a huge profit
Cut supplies to innocent people, causing hardships
The Union had to thin its navy support to blockade the Atlantic
The Union had to thin its ground support to occupy the Mississippi River
Caused countries to resent the Union because they were blocking trade between the South and other Countries
The Union had the spend millions of dollars to build ships for the blockade
This Blockade runner was used to transport cotton from South Georgia to Europe. Blockade runners were small, versatile ships that had little to no weapons and very light armor in order to slip past the large and slow Ironclad ships of the North
established April 19, 1861
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The North Cuts Southern Supplies
North Plans to "Choke" South
Northern General-in-Chief Winfield Scott devised a plan know as Scott's Great Snake, or more popularly known as The Anaconda Plan. The idea was to blockade the Atlantic and occupy The Mississippi River. This would cut the South into two parts, depriving the side of the south that fought most of the battles (the east side) from men and the resources needed to win the war. The plan also denied the south from importing supplies from other countries. Making the South produce all of the supplies they needed.

The Anaconda Plan
Letter from General-in-Chief Winfield Scott to major-general George B. McClellan, dated May 3rd, 1861)
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