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ben freije

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of rt

B. FREIJE productions presents... Culture Goverment Greece History Greece was formed as a collection of
city-states at about 1000 B.C. when the lonians Migrated to the lonian island. Athens
War greece has been involved in

trojan war
first sacred war
greco-persian war
second sacred war
peloponnesain war
third sacred war
iberian war
vandalic war
gothic war
byzantine-arab war
roman-persian war
muslim comnquest
byzantine-bulgarian wars
byzantine-saljuk wars
byzantine-ottoman wars
orlov revolt
battle of vromopigada
greek war of independence
greco-turkish war
first balkan war
second balkan war
world war I
greco-turkish war
world war II
greek civil war
korean war
kosovo war

Famous people in greek history

Alexander the great
Jennifer Aniston The lyre was the main source of music
for ancient Greece. Greek poeple speak greek. they started out that way and still are. by: Ben Freije olive oil, olives, wine, marble, and granite make up most of greece's exports greece import almost everything we do chlothing wood. You name it

greece's government is a parmentary government Geography mountians, rolling hills, and plains temperture ranges from 50 degrees F to 75 degrees F 16 inches is greece's average preciptation Map of Greece athens is the capital of greece

sparta and rodos are also big cities population

11,237,094 the eruo is used in greece Greak people like to play sport in fact they created the first olympics... they also enjoy fishing and smoking Acient greeks believed in the olympian gods and goddesses, but today 97% of the population is christan orthodox. The greak mythology makes up greece's folk lore Tourism is very important to greece they have a lot of history like battle sites and ancient ruins... but one of the most atractive ones is the parthanon of athens. Feta chese, lamb and wine are major
sources of food and drink for greeks. Spartans City-states Parthenon Olympians ŤĦÈ ÉŃĐ clap clap clap
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