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Rheingold's 21st Century Social Media Literacies as applied to the smartphone

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Alan Tisdall

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Rheingold's 21st Century Social Media Literacies as applied to the smartphone

As Applied to the Smartphone Rheingold's 21st Century Social Media Literacies Howard Rheingold A Contemporary Communications Expert... ...posits that there are 5 Social Media Literacies. 1. Attention 2. Participation 3. Collaboration 4. Network Awareness He lists them as: and... 5. Critical Consumption. The smartphone, being on the forefront of communications technology, fits in quite nicely with Rheingold's criteria. (with questionable taste in fashion) Attention With its multi-functionality, the Smartphone has created a culture of divided attention... ...and perpetuates a culture of multitasking. Some circles believe that constant multitasking is detrimental to society, and these claims have their merits. Alan Tisdall CMNS 253 On the other hand, studies have shown that multitasking is a different way of learning, and it is obvious that multitasking is an automatic component of countless occupations. Participation With soaring ownership rates, who can argue that Smartphone culture is not a participatory one? Smartphone sales are expected to continue to rise dramatically. There are approximately 500 million Smartphones in use in the world today. Equipped with cameras and apps,
smartphones can instantly update the world of social networking. Studies prove that Mobile Social Networking is steadily rising. Collaboration The Smartphone, in conjunction with the internet and other technologies, has the potential to be a highly collaborative device. Here are a couple of examples: In June 2011, disgusted Vancouverites, armed with their Smartphones, provided their photos and videos of rioters to social media sites and law enforcement. These efforts led to hundreds of arrests and charges of malicious law breakers. On a brighter note, apps like the Endomondo Sports Tracker brings a community of like-minded enthusiasts together for love of a common pastime. The app allows them to plot and chart their progress on jogging. hiking and cycling routes. Users can post their results worldwide, with details of the routes as a guide to visitors and challenge to other athletes. Network Awareness Here are some parallels: Social network designers, quickly realized the power of mobile applications linked to their sites. As a result, applications have been created, allowing the hundreds of millions of Smartphone users to instantly add content from their phones to... Facebook Twitter or Instagram, among many others. The link between social media and Smartphone ownership is not to be underestimated, and the explosion of social media content via Smartphones is testament to keen awareness of both designers and users. Critical Consumption The Smartphone has many features brought on by the needs of their users for the sake of critical consumption, a.k.a. "crap detection." There are Smartphone functionality features and applications available to block unwanted callers and texts. Caller I.D. and special ring tones help the user deal with other incoming calls that can be intrusive or annoying. Smartphone users have the option to install or uninstall any application they want from their device. ...or screen and delete email with ease. Conclusion Rheingold's five 21st CentutySocial Media Literacies predated the advent of the Smartphone, but in many ways predicted some of the uses of the device. There is no other device on the planet right now so strongly tied to New Media. Thanks for watching.

Alan Tisdall, CMNS 253W
April, 2013. A question remains however: Are we paying too much attention? IMAGES: Rheingold Image: http://freesouls.cc/essays/03-howard-rheingold-participative-pedagogy-for-a-literacy-of-literacies.html

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Crap detection title image:

Smartphone call block image: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-block-phone-calls-on-your-android-smartphone/

Unwanted call display image: unknown

Uninstall application image: http://support.kaspersky.com/8779

Delete email image: http://www.iconarchive.com/show/soft-scraps-icons-by-deleket/Email-Delete-icon.html Media-savvy smartphone users benefit from customizable functionality to allow for as much critical consumption as possible. The level of attention paid to smartphones by their users is testament to the device's relevance within New Media. As a conduit between its users and social media, coupled with the number of devices being owned, The smartphone is an infinitely powerful participatory social networking tool. The collaborative opportunities arising from smartphone ownership, in conjunction with parallel and integrated technology, and mass media, are endless. We must be careful to harness this power in constructive ways. . . . . . The sky's the limit. There's no evidence of these figures waning anytime soon.
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