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Malcolm X

USA GCSE lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Malcolm X

All will learn about Malcolm X and his message (Confident)
Most will evaluate sources to PROFICIENT STEP
Some will evaluate sources to COMPETENT/ACCOMPISHED Step
Malcolm X
Do now!

What did Martin Luther King Junior dream about?
Progress Check
Let us read:
Maximum 10 words
Banner design - let's make Source B Banners
NOP Source B

Now answer the question:

How useful is source B? 8 Marks
Exam Practice
In your books:

1. What did Malcolm X believe would be better for Black people?

2. When did X leave the Nation of Islam

3. What should violence be met with?

Rodrigo, Savka, Nashida, Maya, De'Shaine, Regan, Geovanny, Emmanuel, Faith, Chanelle, Tyreek, Samuel, Sebastian, Leanne, Faith, Joshua, Maria, Carlos , Kevin, Renee, William.
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