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Build Once-use many times

The content to aid in business and IT conversations

Lisa Martinez

on 20 July 2012

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Transcript of Build Once-use many times

A Wicked Adviser is like having an executive secret weapon.
Thank you for your attention!
There's always a short term solution.
With any tough situation...
Strategy - External Board and C-Level Executives
Each organization has a sub-system of process stakeholders in management roles
Stakeholder Perspective
Functional Management
Users - The Business
The people who are accountable and legally liable for all activities for employees.
Today the business operates solely on a trust model.
Our customers and suppliers
expect objective standards
I say we should not do magic we do not understand.
Indian in the Cupboard
Chaos and subjectivity can become expensive and no-one likes the subject.
Recent class action lawsuits are merely the beginning
Why is this a people decision if we don't want to talk about it?
Internal customer for IT
The workers
The Business Process Activity allows the users to perform their duties.
The employer must supply the tools for the employee or agent to enable effective delivery to perform their duties.
users don't work with IT because they don't trust them.
If we allow every leader to claim victory are we inviting a management minor or major non-conformance?
and allow performance to be subjective...how are we really doing?
You have a number of options
Extend the short term solution to get your organization into the clouds.

The short term solution get's you to the long term plan in a cloud or Continuously Improve.
There are tools to allow for test driving the current state.
a Strategic Enterprise Architect
Lisa Martinez 408-638-9016
Thank You
Are you ready to start your transformation?
Outside In
We have gone beyond a fit for purpose
Can we agree on a global economic model for sustainability?
What if it put the spirit back into the regulations and legal controls?
What if your employees were happy again?
What if your suppliers were strategic instead of on the receiving end?
What if your customers moved from trapped to trusting?
I'm going to turn what once was political suicide into a sexy and effective way to run your business.
I'm going to inspire your people endlessly if they've lost motivation or don't see how they contribute to the companies goals.
Row 1 Zachman Tool
Row 2 Zachman tool
Row 6 in Zachman tool
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