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Careers display Board

Physical Education Teacher

Mark Tadeson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Careers display Board

PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER A Physical Education Teacher teaches students at a school how to play sports and activities. They mainly teach in highschools and phys. Ed would be their main subject of teaching where as in elementry school they would teach multiple subjects. They also teach students about healthy living, drug abuse and the human body. It is required to go to University for 3 - 4 years and Teacher College for 1 - 2 years once you have graduated from University You not only have to teach Phys. Ed, but another subject as well. Usually Highschool Physical Education teachers teach a grade 9 or 10 science as well as Phys. Ed because science is involved with muscles and exercise. Thay is why it is recommended to take a Science course every year in highschool as well as Exercise science. It is important to take a grade 12 course called Exercise Science as well. This course focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors, and principles involved in human development. The course prepares students for University programs in physical education, kinesiology, recreation, and sports administration. Physical Education Teachers receive a salary between $35,000 - $80,000. Also, they are typically at the school for 7 - 10 hours every week day. They get around 20 sick days per year which can be used to stay home in order to take care of loved ones, if they are sick, etc. They have good benefits as well. You must be in good physical condition in order to demonstrate how to participate in a sport or activity properly. If you can't do, you definately can't teach. If you are antisocial and are nervous speaking in front of people, then this isn't the job for you. You need to be able to speak to the whole class and explain instructions thoroughly so everyone can understand. You will need to be social, kind, physically fit, organized and good at explaining things as a Phys. Ed Teacher.
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