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5 minutes to Diamond Season 4

No description

Valkrin Youtube

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of 5 minutes to Diamond Season 4

By Valkrin
5 Minutes to Diamond
Season 4

Crowd control is everything
Put your teammates in their strongest roles
Never give up during the laning phase. Anything can happen after it.

Set reachable goals every time you play
Improving Your Overall Winrate
Pick 5 of these champions to learn
Don't stress out, not every game is going to be winnable but you have to "try hard" every game if you want to get better and gain rank.
If you want to get better, then review your replays! Replay review is the greatest resource available to you to find out your mistakes!
Getting Diamond is just a matter progression. If you follow all these tips then your win rate will increase and if you're improving every week then it's just a matter of time.
Baron is the double edged sword to Victory
Don't risk having it stolen if you're winning

If you're losing, TRY TO STEAL IT (nothing to lose, the world to gain)

Sneaking baron is the easiest way to win games but the risk has to equate the reward.
Solar Flare
Curse of the Sad Mummy
Command: Shockwave
Even if you're losing early game, the team with more crowd control usually wins in solo que.
Take a 5-10 minute break between each game and reflect on the previous game
Never argue during a game. EVER. Even if you're right
Cliche but so real it hurts me to think about how many games I lost because I alienated an ally with an argument
Duo Que
Only duo que with someone that is going to take it equally as serious as you and is motivated to improving
Avoid duo queuing unless you have synergy
Play in roles that the ability to interact early-midgame
Unsure of what to play?
Champion mastery > flavor of the month champions
You can get to Diamond 1 or Challenger
by playing any champion if master it
Veigar main
Last Skarner NA
Skarner main
Katarina main
CC is your play making ability
Assault and Battery
Never play like the game is already won. Throws happen even more often than you realize.
1. Playing 10 ranked games a day and going 5 wins 5 losses is
never better than playing 4 games and going 3 wins 1 loss

2. The more games you play and don't move up, the more the system will think you belong where you are and you'll gain less and less LP per win.

3. Only play ranked when you're at your best

4. Never play past 3 losses in one session. Try again the next day

5. End on a good note if you can, not a bad one
The 3 Nevers


If you want to keep up with my new content, follow me on my social medias!
Good luck with your Solo Que games !
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