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Technologies, Tips, & Tricks for Aspiring Educators & Admini

No description

Jay Eitner

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Technologies, Tips, & Tricks for Aspiring Educators & Admini

Technology, Tips, & Tricks for novice Teachers & Administrators
Jay Eitner - @iSuperEit

So you (still) wanna be a teacher or administrator, eh?
Think to yourself right now, do you REALLY want to do this?
You need to demonstrate mastery of some apps or sites in your interview.
You need to show me you have researched my District, including the positives & the pitfalls.
You need to demonstrate that I need to hire you by expressing interest in my town.
The most obvious:
You need to prove to me that you are comfortable with 21st century technologies.
You need to show me how YOU can obtain Professional Development independently online.
This is a job that effects our future.
This is a job that is changing by the day and will test you on a daily basis.
This is a job where your motto needs to be "All in, or go home."
Follow EVERYONE at this conference!
FOCUS on the academics, the athletics, &
the arts.
Have you been to a SmackDown? Have an app or site? KNOW A FEW WELL!
Time Management
-QR code generators

NJ School Performance Report
Social Media Webpages
Teacher Webpages
Google Hangouts
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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