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4.03 Developing Theme

No description

Chelsea Crockett

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of 4.03 Developing Theme

"...he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way.."
Symbolism In The Great Gatsby: Chapter One
The Valley of Ashes: Chapter Two
"About halfway between West Egg and New York... from a desolate area of land."
The Valley Of Ashes (Cont.)
The Great Gatsby: The Green Light (cont.)
Represents the end of Daisy Buchanan's dock.
Symbolizes the dreams Gatsby has for his and Daisy's future.
Represents the distance between Daisy and Gatsby that is keeping them apart.
By: Chelsea Crockett
4.03 Developing Theme
"Involuntarily I glanced seaward and distinguished nothing except a single green light..."
"This is a valley of ashes- a fanatic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens..."
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