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No description

Jessika Chandler

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of COMMAS

Lists and Comma Series COMMAS: Example 1 (words): I made sure to visit the produce, meat, and frozen sections at the grocery store. Commas should be used to separate three or more words, phrases, or clauses in a series. Tip: Don't put a comma between the
final adjective and the noun! Commas should also be used to
separate two or more coordinate
adjectives describing the same noun. Example #3: It was a cold, wet, windy spring day.
("Cold," "wet," and "windy" are coordinate.
"Windy" and "spring" are non-coordinate.) Commas should NOT be used to
separate NON-coordinate adjectives. Example 2 (phrases): Today I need to finish my homework, walk the dog, and clean my room.. Example 3 (clauses): The judges are looking for a candidate who has a positive attitude, who is willing to work hard, and who displays natural talent. Example #1: Ashley is a smart, kind, and
easy-going person. Example #2: The librarian has a lovely, warm smile. Example #1: He wore an old green sweater. Example #2: The hot summer sun was shining. Ask yourself the following questions: How do you tell if adjectives are
coordinate or non-coordinate? 1. Will the sentence make sense if I reverse the order of the adjectives?
Yes: coordinate No: non-coordinate 2. Does it make sense if I put an "and" in between the adjectives?
Yes: coordinate No: non-coordinate #1: He wore an old green sweater.
Does "He wore a green old sweater" make sense? NO! These adjectives are non-coordinate. EXAMPLES #2: The hot summer sun was shining.
Does "The hot and summer sun was shining" make sense?
Nope! These are non-coordinate adjectives. #3: The librarian has a lovely, warm smile.
Does "The librarian has a warm, lovely smile" make sense?
Yes! These adjectives are coordinate and
should be separated by "and" or a comma.
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