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Queen Elizabeth I

No description

jessica coors

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I
•Queen Elizabeth I changed the course of history because she was an important Queen, a patron of the arts and had an influence on the relationships of her children.
Life span
•FULL NAME: Queen Elizabeth I
•BIRTH DATE: September 7, 1533
•DEATH DATE: March 24, 1603
•BORN IN: Greenwich, United Kingdom
•DIED: Richmond, Surrey UK
Rise to the Throne
She wasn't supposed to be queen, 3rd in line for the throne
Succeeded to the throne on November 17th, 1558 at the age of 25
Ruled for 45 years
Era of Elizabeth
Her reign became known as the"Golden Age" in English history
Elizabeth encouraged the arts and the famous plays of the period
It was a time of exploration (science and medicine)
Extra Facts
-The Virgin Queen
-Virgin Mary
She was only 2 when her mother was beheaded by the orders of her father
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