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By: Oscar Vásquez Vallejo

Alteratestate 55gore

on 11 October 2013

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Controlled writing
It´s a term which is used as a
for a rather wide range of different types of writing activities
Advantages of using controlled
writing in the classroom
Controlled writing activities allow the teacher to engage students in writing activities without having to worry about how they are going to have to correct it or access it.

People, therefore, often think of controlled writing as being a way of teaching grammar only. It is very important that a controlled writing task, like everything else in the classroom, is
Controlled writing
Some of the representative controlled writing
Controlled composition
Question and answer
Guided composition
Sentence combining
Parallel writing

These usually include texts that have had certain elements removed or have certain elements which are not useful or somehow need to be changed. In doing these we try to get our students to focus on a specific form focused problem and often things related to grammar or vocabulary.
Activity should be introduced to the students and this introduction must contain both a clear context and purpose for why
the writing must be done
Controlled composition

It can also be used as a way of generating ideas and even sentences which can be turned into more
formal pieces of writing from spoken forms. In this way, it is often related to interviewing and uses the results of the interview which are either tape/video recorded and transcribed or just noted down as a way of scaffolding the writing process.
Question and answer

Sentence combining gets the students involved in just
what the name implies; sentence combining. This can be tweaked by picking certain types of sentences to be combined or having
them combine a certain number of sentences.

This is often a way of converting the simpler even incomplete forms of speaking into the
more complex forms of writing
Sentence combining
Parallel writing is somewhat related to copying but with a twist.
Instead of simply copying certain information, which is provided and possibly first needs to be written out (this step can be skipped),the student needs to change or add to the information from the
model. Thus, parallel writing can best be described as rewriting with different basic information, which again is provided.
Parallel writing
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