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Sarah Maksoud

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of GCPEDIA 101 (TBS)

What is the GCPEDIA Wiki? GCPEDIA is the common collaborative environment for the Government of Canada's public service
It is a bilingual collaborative workspace
It is the Government of Canada's Wiki!
It’s a boardroom table that spans from Vancouver to St. John’s
Across government...
and Across the Country The Basics Wikis A wiki is not a traditional website
A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable authorized users to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language
Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites Why a wiki?
To learn from each others successes and failures
To build on the great work of others
To eliminate duplication of effort
To find tools and models in development
To share knowledge and expertise
To work collaboratively
To ultimately improve the way we deliver service to each other
The advantages of wikis Any registered user can edit content
Easy to use and learn
Changes are instantaneous
Every change is tracked and attributable
It's a simple process to revert back to a previous version
Content becomes richer and more accurate through collaboration
Promote transparency and sharing Helps build communities and relationships regardless of geography
Breaks down organizational silos
Allows for broader participation and reach
Helps capture and share orporate knowledge

How can I use GCPEDIA? it’s about improvement GCPEDIA: Write about what you know
Correct that which you know is wrong
Leave comments on the discussion page, not the content page
Promotion of ideas on how we can improve is strongly encouraged
Self-promotion and unsupported opinion are discouraged – stay away from comments directed at individuals, focus on sharing your knowledge and insights on the topic
Personal use of GCPEDIA is permitted on user pages GCPEDIA: it's open Anyone within the gc.ca domain (most federal public servants) can view the GCPEDIA wiki
It is subject to Access to Information requests
Any personal information you provide is at your own discretion and risk. See GCPEDIA:Privacy policy
Everything is attributable, any registered user can contribute, and all contributions are recorded (including all changes)
As a courtesy to others, please sign your posts in talk pages using the signature button Ideas should look like ideas Don't sound like the policy expert or the authoritative source unless you are
Content should be either verifiable fact or clearly identified as an opinion
Use article icons to indicate veracity and status of the article
See Help:Writing for Wikis
it’s bilingual Wikis are typically unilingual, ours provides a single bilingual workspace
Bilingualism is required for consultation documents and final drafts- responsibility lies with the author
Talk Page discussions and documents in progress may be written in your language of choice
Users can set the application interface to display the language of their choice in their preferences page
All official GCPEDIA pages and content is available in both official languages
An Official Languages Working Group has been established and active in exploring approaches to ensuring that the GCPEDIA wiki is accessible and compliant to the Official Languages Act
Ultimately, it is hoped that ambitious gnomes will take on some of the translation burden, to make information available for their colleagues working in the other official language
Help:Language preferences

it belongs to the GC GCPEDIA: Content from external sources should be copyright free
And/or owned by the Government of Canada
If content is available elsewhere, link to it rather than recreate it or post it on GCPEDIA The history page allows you to compare the current version of the page with an older version which is selected by clicking on a check circle. Then click on the Compare selected versions to view the differences between the two versions. GC cost-effective, bilingual wiki developed for and by the community of public servants across Canada.
Implemented in 2008 and now see large GCPEDIA uptake - 15,000+ registered public servants contributing content to 46,000 pages. 3.4 million page views by hundreds of thousands of visits.
Current focus - strengthen GCPEDIA
-Product support model
-Integrate with other departmental wiki and Web 2.0 tools.
Vibrant community of Web 2.0 practitioners using GCPEDIA
-Project management, document co-development, information and
knowledge creation and sharing GCPEDIA is YOUR wiki.
Use it to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your day to day work. Navigation Think about it. The Roles Edit and contribute to existing pages Create content pages Create collaborative communities
GCPEDIA Users The Rules Code of Conduct Prezi by:

GCPEDIA wiki content can only be created or edited by users with authenticated and active accounts
All changes made in the GCPEDIA wiki are attributed to the user who authored them on the content page’s History tab
GCPEDIA users must identify themselves by their first and last names in the following format: Firstname.lastname
Using an alias for your username is not permitted and will be changed to meet naming conventions
Usernames often appear as links which can take you to that user’s User page. You can drop them a line on their User talk page What it's not for... PUBLISHING:
We have internet and intranet pages for that

It is inappropriate to store classified material on the GCPEDIA wiki

Link-to often and never recreate

Again, this is why we have internet and intranet sites

The GCPEDIA wiki is not a shared drive

Help and Where to find it
*Visit the GCPEDIA Help page*
-Find coding cheat-sheets
-Information for beginner and advanced users alike
Explore the endless array of wiki tools and reference docs out there on the web (like this Prezi)
GCPEDIA is more than Wikipedia

GCPEDIA is the GC general purpose wiki

Used for collaboration and sharing of knowledge:
Within departments
Across departments
Across regions Questions GCPEDIA Users Create your user profile BROWSERS: are just visiting, maybe they followed a link or even maintain a watchlist to keep current on activity relating to a particular topic.

CONTRIBUTORS: share their knowledge for the greater good, they understand that changing the way we work is not always easy or comfortable. But they also know that we is smarter than me.

MAINTAINERS: keep GCPEDIA organized and usable as they direct the growth of our shared space with prudent “gardening.” The role you decide to play depends on your reasons for using GCPEDIA and ability to contribute. A more detailed look at GCPEDIA roles can be found on the GCPEDIA:User roles page. Be credible: Be accurate, fair, thorough and transparent.

Be open: Encourage constructive criticism and deliberation. Be cordial, honest and professional at all times. Recognize that valuable contributions can come from unexpected places.

Be responsive: When you gain insight, share it where appropriate. If you know better, say so with respect.

Be integrated: Connect with others both on-line and off-line. Always start your project by looking for what you can improve upon. Evaluate your work, on how much you improved something.

Be a public servant: Sharing on GCPEDIA can be good for your career. Your behaviour as a GCPEDIAN enhances your reputation and should reflect the values and ethics code of the Public Service. "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."--Alvin Toffler

go to the toolbox on the left-hand side of the page
click on "special pages"
navigate to "user list"
click on "user list"
enter the first letter of your real name in the first field
scroll down until you find your user name

go to the log in / create account page
if it's not already there, enter your user name in the appropriate field
click on "email password"
GCPEDIA will send you a new temporary password
Note: GCPEDIA is case-sensitive. You must enter your user name into the log-in page exactly as it appears on the user list.
Forgot your user name or password?
Here's how to get them back: Use GCPEDIA to: Develop draft documents and group initiatives
Manage and evaluate projects
Define terms of reference
Solicit input on any topic
Keep Track of meeting minutes/ agendas consistently
Inter and intra-departmental collaboration and briefing
Keep current on or advertize forthcoming GC initiatives (Main Page: Spotlight)
Save time, gain efficiency

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