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Continuing Effects of Dispossession

No description

Ackay m8

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Continuing Effects of Dispossession

BOSTES Syllabus Dot Point
• discuss the continuing effect of
dispossession on Aboriginal
spiritualities in relation to:

– separation from the land
– separation from kinship groups
– the Stolen Generations
Brief Overview - History
Brief Overview - Effects
The effects of dispossession on Aboriginal culture have resulted in the loss of cultural practice, identity and the traditional way of life becoming ever more scarce. With many events devastating in the past including the destruction of Bora rings, taken away from aboriginal land and culture and the forcing of white culture on children.
5-mark Question
"In what ways has dispossession continued to affect Aboriginal spiritualities?" - Q11, 2015
Key Points
*context - Policy of Protection, Policy of Assimilation, Stolen Generation

*continuing effects:
- separation from land
- separation from kinship
- inability to maintain totemic responsibilities
Continuing Effects of Dispossession
Key words and phrases:

Dispossession - topic
continued - up to now
Aboriginal spiritualities - The Dreaming and how its affected
Marking Criteria
Note: may have stimulus; needs to be integrated into your answer
Main points
* talk about the three sub-headings
- separation from kinship
- separation from land
- the Stolen Generations
* explain each of the sub-headings while linking them together
- separation from kinship leads to separation of land; an example of this is the Stolen Generation
* Utilise examples such as the Bringing Home Report and Australian Bureau of Statistics - e.g. 20 years below life expectancy average
* summarise by making a judgement on the continuing effect of dispossession
Dispossession: Through spirituality and identity aboriginal people express their culture and way of life. From introduction of English settlement in 1788 Aboriginal culture and people have been stripped of their traditional way of life and disrespected.
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