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Having a Mustang Day

What it means to have a Mustang Day

Betty Angel Robertson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Having a Mustang Day

One, Two, Three... MAKE IT A MUSTANG DAY!!!
-Mr. Matt Perkins
MCHS Principle What does it mean to have a "Mustang Day"?
~Finally realizing something important;
realizing how important someone or something is to you

~Not getting down about stuff
having a happy outlook
not focusing on depressing things

~See someone you haven't seen in awhile
visting an old friend
~Pampering yourself
planning a relaxing day for you
~Feeling refreshed
Clearing stress and drama ~Making new friends
Open up to other cliques
Talking to people you don't really know

~Wanting to smile
being bubbly and smiling alot If i won the lottery..
I would have a
"Mustang Day" Getting a new car Accomplishing something good finishing a project
Enjoying the sunshine
good sunny day finding a treasure of a where the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or having FUN!! Just plain out Spending the day getting to do what ever I want ! r BEING A JUNIOR AT mchs :) :)
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