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M&O Wolfgang Keller

No description

dara weiss

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of M&O Wolfgang Keller

Wolfgang Keller Case Study
Who are Wolfgang Keller and Dmitri Brodsky?

What is the issue between Keller and Brodsky?

Potential solutions to the problem

Our suggested course of action
Our suggested solution
Combine aspects of option
What is The Issue?
Why does it need to be dealt with now?
Who Are Keller and Brodsky?
Potential Solutions to the Issue and the Pros and Cons of each solution
Fire Brodsky/ Lower his pay with the expectation that he will leave

Current manager of the Ukrainian subsidiary of Konigsbrau A.G., a beer brewery.

34 year old graduate of Harvard Business School

Proven reputation as a successful hands on manager that could turn companies around.

Works directly under Keller as the Commercial Department Director

44 years old

Great deal of experience working in large and important firms

Hired for experience and maturity, to balance the otherwise young group of managers
Opposing management styles/ ways of approaching tasks
Opposing styles cause Process & Relationship Conflicts
Coach Brodsky
Reorganize to better address Brodsky's skills
Pros of firing Brodsky
Cons of firing Brodsky
Brodsky will be gone/ no longer pose an issue to Keller
Nobody internally is qualified to fill Brodsky’s place
Difficult to find someone externally who could fill Brodsky’s role
Could reflect poorly on Keller
Pro of coaching Brodsky
Con of coaching Brodsky
Eliminates conflict of work style
Avoids consulting with board about firing Brodsky
Time and effort for Keller
Pros of reorganizing around Brodsky
Cons of reorganizing around Brodsky
Keller's Personality Type
informal personality type
Brodsky's Personality Type
hands on approach
formal personality type
distant approach
acts with urgency
acts with patience and deliberation
looks for problems to solve- not accomplishments to celebrate
Company can run more efficiently
No guarantees such an effort would work
Could cause more conflict between the two
Brodsky could still be an inefficient worker
Less interaction between Brodsky and distributors
Brodsky could react poorly to sharing role
More efficient accomplishment of work
As Keller embraces these leadership techniques, Brodsky will be more likely to cooperate with Keller, and hopefully become more receptive to Keller's coaching
Coaching Brodsky
Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-TAK
Coach Brodsky and Restructure as necessary Brodsky can still receive his appropriate annual increase
By Ashlin Delshad, Nicole Azar, Christopher LeMonda, Dara Weiss, Matthew Grobman, and Krithika Balaji
Wolfgang Keller
Dmitri Brodsky
Main Issues...
Needs to be Dealt With Now Because...
Keller didn't giving Brodsky his performance report before going to Brazil
now he is returning and it can't be pushed off longer
Keller and Brodsky's bad relationship reflects poorly on Keller
In order to effectively coach Brodsky, Keller must step up as a leader
1. Motivate/ inspire employees align them with direction of the company.

2. Practice effective communication
-Provide constructive criticism for setbacks

3. Celebrate employees accomplishments

4. Develop understanding of their employees
Leaders should:
When coaching Brodsky, Keller must...
2. Guide Brodsky in a more constructive and supportive way; creates mutual respect for one another. Review his performance in a results driven manner
CompStat (NYPD case)

3. Celebrate and commend the positive accomplishments of Brodsky

4. Work to better understand Brodsky on an individual level
Restructure according to Brodsky's strengths and weaknesses to maximize productivity and gain optimal value from each employee.
Zelenko is not ready to head Sales, but is more personable than Brodsky be main contact to sales representatives

Brodsky's strengths are in analytic computations not interpersonal communication focus on marketing tasks
Positive reflection on Keller as strong leader
Zelenko is not prepared to take over Brodsky's sales role
1. Clarify what is expected of Brodsky so no confusion
no surprises for Brodsky at performance review
Key Points
Leadership + Reevaluating Responsibilities Culture

Leads to smooth running and successful company
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