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Synthesis Project


Emi Skogerson

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Synthesis Project

Make your own compost! :) Once again it's cheaper and all you have to really do is let it sit there and Mother Nature will do the rest. Make a crate put things that easliy decompose, like: banana peels, paper, food scrapes, and manuers. It is much healthier for your soil then chemicals and helps reduce trash. Eco Friendly Backyard The first thing you should do is resized your lawn and turn that green grass into a garden. By resizing your lawn you are saving on water and chemicals that you use to keep your lawn beautiful. Those chemicals could get into the creaks and hurt the ecosystem life in it. When you change your lawn to a garden you save on gas money because you don't have to mow it, and water because you don't have to water all of the garden, everyday. Instead of using harmful pesticides grow plants that attract certain insects. Some insects eat the ones that harm your plants. It’s green; it's easier and cheaper. It's not only cheaper when saving on lawn supplies; you can also grow your own food. This put even more money in your pocket. Back Ground Knowlege I know that taking care of lawn is a big hassle and can ruin the environment; I know that there are many plants that don't need maintenance everyday and will come back next year, which is one less thing to do. When decorating your backyard with furniture use the recycled kind Use rain water instead of hose water.
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