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Igbo Family Culture

No description

Cory Mino

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Igbo Family Culture

Igbo Culture Family IGBO FAMILY STRUCTURE Bibliography
"The demon superstition" : Abominable Twins and mission culture in onitsha history.
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N.p.,n.d. Web.<http://www.kwenu.com/Igbo/Igbowebpages/Igbo.dir/Culture/culture and socialization.html>. over many years the Igbo culture evolved and changed its morals and duties.
along with the change in family structure, came more in the way of marriage, birth, and child raising in the Igbo culture. IGBO FAMILY STRUCTURE (continued)
-the eldest son inherited what their fathers had
-people believed in curses MARRIAGE
-men had as many wives as they wanted to
-each wife had her own specific role in the family MARRIAGE (continued) -igbo marriage is more on arrangment than love
-successful men had farms that provided food -there was more respect and honor towards adults
-older people were kept in community events BIRTH -8th day after birth, child is circumcised
-20th day, the naming of the child is performed -twins are banished from Igbo culture
-represent a sign of evil and misfortune BIRTH (continued) CHILD RAISING -Igbo parents pressured their children
-Igbo began to have low self-esteem UNIVERSAL QUESTION: There is always ethnocentrism found in every culture, does that eventually change the family structure in every culture based off of judgement? Deep significance: Our topic is important to the Igbo culture because it is the base of its culture.
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