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After work Swapsee-MHM: The new freelancer model

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Maite Moreno Bosch

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of After work Swapsee-MHM: The new freelancer model

New trends of the future of work: the new freelancer model
New ways of seeing the world

"We live in a liquid society where everything constantly changes, where everything flows, not certainties
Zygmunt Bauman
New ways of working
orange world
of PwC
Paradigm shift of dependence
Some European data
"Companies are less committed to the commitment"

Gene Zaino
Managing Director at MBO Partners
Talent aggregator
Badges and clients scorecard
The top 6 reasons independent work is here to stay
1. The sheer number of independent projects.
2. Independents can work from anywhere
3. Independent workers are not specific to any generation or age group
4. Support for independents is growing and thriving.
5. Social media tools make it easy to showcase expertise and grow their network and business
6. Independents won't go back

"An economy in which almost no one has a real job, in which each worker is a gig, a professional who works with businesses through punctually commercial agreements for specific projects"

José Manuel Casado.
President at 2C
"Spain is more conservative than the U.S. to take radical changes in labor structures. Spain is fast becoming a test and an exception within Europe. Spain is one of the markets that is more using the marketplaces so that this sector is growing very fast"

CEOs at different marketplaces
HR role
Integrated management systems
Track projects
New knowledge and skills
When to use the freelancer workforce, for what tasks, where it is, risks according to the source
Analysis of predictive data beyond cv
Designing management policies for freelancers: on boarding, collaboration, appraisal, training, promotion...

"For Gigonomics happens, not only people but also companies have to change"

Paul Molouny
CEO at Trabajando.com

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