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Branding at DIMO

No description

Harini Indiketiya

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Branding at DIMO

An insight into branding at DIMO.. Is DIMO doing it right? DIMO is present in the following sectors The brand 'DIMO' The automobile industry landscape in Sri Lanka DIMO has to look out for.. STP Strategy adopted by DIMO Agri Machinery Bosch Service Centre Automobile Dealer Lighting & Power Solutions Medical Engineering The BOSCH Service Center introduces a new wave of services with advanced diagnostic equipment, tools and access to electronic service information.

Bosch Car Service
Bosch Diesel Center Passenger cars, SUV and a range
of commercial vehicles from small
750kg trucks to large 40 Ton+ trucks
to tippers and buses;

Mercedes Benz
Tata Lamps & Accessories
Distribution DIMO Medical Engineering Solutions is dedicated to providing solutions customized around the needs of hospitals, clinics, health centers and most importantly, patients. DIMO Agri-Machinery brings to Sri Lanka the latest state-of-the-art technology in the field of agriculture and are the sole distributors of Mahindra tractors and Claas harvesters in Sri Lanka. DIVERSE - Dimo delivers a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions INNOVATIVE - Sri Lankan representative of over 50 of the world's best engineering brands, delivering an innovative product line up MOTIVATING - 'making work more enjoyable and rewarding OUTSTANDING - received multiple accolades for commitment to ingenuity, service delivery and sustainability Swedish Trading Co. Ltd Eurocars (Private) Limited Frontier Group Senok Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd Regency Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd Prestige Automobile (Pvt) Ltd The authorized importer for the premium German brand - Bavarian Motor Works AG, in Sri Lanka.

The company’s portfolio of clients includes the Government of Sri Lanka and foreign missions that continue to place their trust in BMW Security Vehicles for VVIPs and visiting dignitaries.

Is apart of the Luxury, Super Luxury, and Grand Luxury automobile segments in Sri Lanka. Regency Automobiles Private Limited is a subsidiary of IWS Holdings, sole importer for Jaguar Cars since 1996. The flagship brand of SENOK Automobiles, Audi automobiles are manufactured in Germany and in Sri Lanka , Audi cars have been extremely popular and in high demand with the society’s elite. Eurocars (Pvt) Limited meets Porsche's exacting corporate standards with its ultra modern Porsche Center in Colombo which is heralded as one of Sri Lanka 's premier automotive landmarks. STC are the sole distributors for the prestigious range of Volvo Cars, Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles such as refuse Trucks. Frontier Automotive was established in 2003 when it was appointed the Land Rover distributor for Sri Lanka. A brief Introduction to DIMO It all began in 1939 with Harold Algama, Stephen Peiris, P.D. Alexander and Cyril Algama coming to work one morning to find that with the advent of World War II, their employer, a German named Mr. F.K. Heller had been incarcerated and the business seized by the Government. With little money and few prospects, the four unemployed youth decided to start their own business. 1939 - 1960
DELVING INTO DIVERSIFICATION TATA Motors, India ventured into the international market starting with Sri Lanka by partnering with DIMO in 1961. DIMO started producing radiators, brake linings, gaskets and kingpins which were very rare due to the imposed import restrictions. 1960 - 1970
A HISTORIC PARTNERSHIP The dawn of the 90s witnessed the launch of the DIMO Automobile Training School (DATS) established in collaboration with Daimler AG, Germany to develop a course of international standards. 2000 - 2008
YEARS Met the demands of internationally approved norms and standards with ISO 9001:2000 for the Company´s operational practices and ISO 14001: 2004 for their environmental management practices certified by Det Norske Veritas Inc. (DNV). 2009- Present
THE NEW MILLENNIUM SEGMENTING POSITIONING Mercedes, Jeep, Chrysler & Tata High Income Earners Medium - Low Income Earners Lifestyle/Status Usage Commercial Use Day-to-day Use Uses an economic (income based) segmentation strategy for the 4 automobile brands Price - High Price - Low Status driven Value - High Status driven Value - Low Positioning of 'DIMO' Service Delivery - High Service Delivery -Low Reasons for the positioning Points of Parity
Luxury good/service providers
Functionality and Quality

Points of Difference
Long standing partnership
Strong CRM strategy adopted
Exclusivity (eg - Mercedes Club) Luxury
Status Symbol
High rollers Affordable
Rough Use
Sub Continent Association
Commercial Use Mercedes V Tata - is it really a problem? "Expect Perfection" - refers to the brand promise that all employees at DIMO and the world-class solutions that it provide, abide by. It is the promise to deliver the best or nothing, be it a product, service or a complete packaged solution.

Keeping the PODs of DIMO in mind, we recommend

"Defining Luxury" Prestige/Status - Low Prestige/Status - High Mercedes Jeep Chrysler Tata TARGETING Low - Middle class income earners

Passenger and Commercial Use High income earners

Personal/Passenger transportation

Social Classes - A1, A2 High income earners

Passenger transport

Social classes A1, A2 High income earners

Passenger transport

Social classes A1, A2 Conclusion History of DIMO
The brand 'DIMO'
The STP strategy adopted by DIMO
Conflict of brands
Brand Equity of DIMO
Revising the brand mantra
Evaluation of DIMO and its strategies Why do we say 'Defining Luxury"?
DIMO is the longest standing luxury automobile delaer in the country
All of DIMO's PODs scream 'Definition of Luxury' Emotional Modifier Descriptive Modifier Brand Functions Prestige Luxury Status Symbol DIMO Brand Equity Know your customer - Segmentation & PODs Identify and communicate what DIMO means Judgements - High quality& trustworthiness
Feelings - luxury lifestyle/status Behavioral Loyalty
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