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Pully Project

me me me her

Madison Edwards

on 16 May 2012

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Transcript of Pully Project

Pully Project Objective My objective is to make a
series of pullys that can hold at least 3 to 5 hundred grams. Relevancy
It is important to me because
just in case I want to become a
construction worker or build the
macheins that go there, I know how to build and work on pullys. What I learned about pullys

I learned that without pullys we
wouldnt have alot of stuff we have
like buildings and lots of other important stuff. What we use pullys for

Pullys have been used to help lift heavy
loads for a long time.One of the common
divices using this princible is the Crane and people have built alot of buildings with it. We also use pullys to help us carry things we can not so without pullys we would not have alot of
things we have now. Main Materials

1) Motor
2) Battery
3) Wires
4) The pully So far

So far we have made 3 collums on
our insperation and we have also
started building the motor. By Madison and Cameron What we did first

First we took out the box with all our circuits and battery's and wires, then Cameron tried to make the motor while I made the inspiration. The first time.....

We tried the motor and it worked the first time we used it The pully

We finished making the motor and when we tested it, it worked on the first time by lifting 100 grams. We tried again to see if we could do better, and we did! We lifted 400 grams! Going farther

We are going to try making our pully bigger, longer, and that can carry more weight. We have met our goal of carrying 400 grams. The picture of the pully The pully we did The pully were going to do The big pully Were having a little trouble
starting off with the motor but
after that it should be pretty easy. So far So far we have started building
the motor for the new pully. OhNooo

We made the motor but
someone took it apart. We started making the pully again and it
went by pretty fast with the help of Mr.Switzer. We tried out the new pully and we did great.
We lifted 300 grams on our first try then we tried again and we lifted 500 grams then 1000 grams! All the weight. Finished We completed both pullys.
It took awhile but overall it was
pretty easy. What Cameron thought of it.

I thought it was kinda slow and boring
at first but once we were actually using
the pully it was kinda fun. What Madison thought of it.

I thought it was fun when we were
seeing how much weight it could carry.
I also liked it because of the information we
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