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Career analisys

No description

joshua bucklin

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Career analisys

Sound Designer Joshua Bucklin A sound designer is somebody that creates sound for video games. They put all the sound effects and music in a game to make it more realistic. They create sounds out of mostly anything they want, or by pre recorded sounds. For example, they make the sound of a catapult launching by recording someone hitting a ruler on a table. They listen to the creator and put the sounds in the scenes that need it. They also hear what type of mood the game designer wants for that part of a game. Designers need a lot of experience to work for certain games. Most are independent and are paid by the minutes of sounds they make. Experienced designers are paid $45,000 to $75,000 if the game gets really famous. Sorta like Gears of War or Call of Duty. The education needed for this job is a bachelors in music and need to know a lot about technology and how to work it. You also need to know how to equalize certain sound effects and music to where it dosn't mess with the story. The reason why I like this type of job is I like video games and since I was little I worked with my dad at these types of jobs in the sound booth at church, with the new latest technology. In 10 years from now I think this career will be even a bigger role since gaming is getting more advanced every year. The b2b in this career is advertising. They can be hired to put up sound effects or music for an ad of a company before the game starts. The customers that this career deals with are people who play the game. If they don't like how it sounds and it is less realistic they will not buy it, causing the company to lose money. The computer applications for this career are a major role. They use many types of applications to change the sounds to what they want. The biggest problem they face for this career is finding or recording the right sounds to make it realistic or to match the emotion they want. Math for this career is also needed so you know how much decibels you can put in a certain effect to where it does not disrupt the game. The customers the sound designers deal with are the game designers who tell them what type of effects and emotions they want. The designers have to work as a team to put the game together to work perfectly. They have to work with the graphic designers, testers, programmers, and the people that created the idea of the game. This career will be in higher demand since more countries are enjoying video games and the games itself are becoming worldwide instead of just in the U. S. This Board would be where you work to change the sound and adjust certain EQ. The reason why I like this type of job is I have worked with this type of technology and I enjoy working with audio. A Full Sail University offers lessons and on hand training. The End.
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