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Alli B

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Maus

Lucia Greenburg
According to Speiegalman, family should be everyone’s first priority and always be there for eachother.
Anja Spegialmen
Anja is Vladek's loving wife.
Bridget Spiegelbrick, Megan Spiegelwart, and Alli Spieguller
Physical/ Personality Traits:
• Depressed
• Nervous
• Loyal
• Skinny
• Fragile
• Marries Vladek
• Gives birth to Richeu
• Goes to a Sanitarium to help with her depression
• Involved in communist conspiricies
• Gives up communism to be loyal to Vladek
• Continues to struggle with depression throughout her life
• Commits suicide

Vladek's ex girlfriend.

Personality/Physical Traits:
• Determined
• Poor
• Desperate
• Pretty
• Attractive

According to Spiegalmen, living in the past can prevent people from living their lives the way they should.
Vladek Speigalman
Main character of the novel.
Personality/Physical Traits
Handsome in youth
Sickly when elderly
Actions/Challenges faced
Dealing with Mala (new wife)
Helping Anja through depression
Can't let go of objects/the past
Getting drafted into Polish army
Shooting a German soldier
Labor in the prison camp
Escapes prison camps
Providing for his family (selling goods for money illegally)
Current Events
Topic: Rwanda listens to survivors retell their stories of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, on April 7, a national holiday to honor those who were involved.

Challenges Faced:
Growing up in a household where both parents were holocaust survivors
Not close to family
Mom kills herself and must overcome that
Has to save his dad after he has the stroke

Art Spiegelman
• Stalks Vladek
• Asks Vladek to see his apartment multiple times
• Begs Vladek to marry her and leave Anja
• Sends Anja a letter to make her break off the
the engagement

Actions/Challanges Continued
Rest of family gets killed/sent to Auschwitz
Provides for and comforts Anja when they are running from Nazi's
Getting revealed as Jews
Getting sent to Auschwitz and getting seperated from Anja
Burns Anja's journals
Getting in a fight with his son (Art)
Wants to write a graphic novel about his dad’s life
His father should be less frugal with his money
Very confused and angry by the death of his mom
Worried about his dad’s heart attack
Annoyed with his dad and Mala
Doesn’t really care about anything other than himself/his comic
Personality Traits:
Mean and self-centered

Goes 2 years without seeing his dad
Doesn’t fix the pipe when his dad asks
Goes on a walk with Vladek who gets ill
Goes to a sanitarium
Goes over to his dad’s house to listen to him tell his story
Left versus Right

Jews being Hanged
The difference of time between the panels is an important element of the story.
Believes looks do not matter
Loves Anja/misses her
Dislikes Mala/wonders why he got remarried
Believes Art can not fix anything
Topic: A human rights lawyer named Gao Zhinsheng is taken by the Chinese government just for his beliefs and ability to speak out.
Discussion of Artwork
Comics are monosensory because they rely on one sense to convey many experiences (sight is the only way to access graphic novels)

Any image used to represent a person, place, thing, or idea.

The space between two panels>human imagination takes two seperate images and transform them into a single idea (must conclude what has happened between both panels with the information given to them).
Begins before the start of the war-the reader is introduced to Anja
Anja becomes very depressed and Vladek accompanies her to a sanitarium
Their factories are robbed and riots are held against Jews
Vladek was called to war, but soon became a prisoner
He was able to escape the camp by volunteering for a labor assignment, which was not much better.
Eventually, he was released and was able to return home.
At home, Vladek focused on making money.
Even when he was forced to live in the Ghetto, he had small jobs.
They decided to send their son to Zawiercie with one of Anja’s relatives, Persis.
Vladek explains how he and Anja survived by hiding, luck, and money.
In the end, they end up getting sent to Auschwitz-Vladek mistakenly trusts smugglers, who promise to take the couple to Hungary.
The two, who had not seen each other for almost two years, reconnect when Art asks to record his father’s experiences.
Vladek, who is an old, grumpy, cheap man, often complains about his second wife, Mala, while simultaneously annoying his son.
Near the end of the book, Vladek has what seems to be a heart attack and
The book ends with Art calling Vladek a murderer for throwing away some of Anja’s Holocaust journals.
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