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Base Details

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Base Details

Base Details
If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath,
I’d live with
scarlet Majors
at the Base,
And speed
glum heroes
up the line to death.
You’d see me with my
puffy petulant face
Guzzling and gulping
in the best hotel,
Reading the
Roll of Honor.
“Poor young chap,”
I’d say — “I used to know his father well;
we’ve lost heavily
in this last
And when the war is done and
stone dead,
safely home and die — in bed.
Subject matter - what the poem is about
The British and Germans face each other across trenches dug out in bloody battles. Thousands die each day in bloody battles.
Background Detail
This poem captures the attitude of a soldier who fought in the war.

Siegfried Sassoon was honored for his bravery in WW1, but he is also known for writing poems which discuss the horrible realities of war and uses satire to discuss those involved in the war.
Studied Poetry

Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon

Aim: Today we will be looking at a studied poem
Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon
By the end of the lesson you will have read the poem and you will be able to discuss the SUBJECT MATTER. What the poem is about.
What do you think the poet is trying to communicate with this poem?
We will be using the technique S.M.I.L.E.S. to examine the poem.
What does S.M.I.L.E.S stand for?
S = Subject matter
M = Message
I = Imagery
L = Language
E = Emotion
S = Structure
Which lines in the poem do each of these images represent?
Satire = the use of humour, exaggeration, irony or ridicule to expose people's mistakes.
Away from the front lines, the army majors monitor the war from the luxury of hotel rooms. The majors look at the Roll of Honour with indifference as they read through the list of men who have died on the battlefield.
Unlike the men at the front the majors lives are not in danger. They will not die on the battlefield, but they will die most likely, safe and secure in their beds long after the war has ended.
Do you think it is fair that men are divided by rank, depending on which class they come from?
How do you think Sassoon feels towards the majors?

Why would he feel this way?

the use of humour, or exaggeration to make fun of people and criticize them.
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