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Developing Basic Digital Skills

No description

Genevieve Bantayan

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Developing Basic Digital Skills

2. Information Fluency
"6 Essential Skills to Equip Students
for Success in the Millennial World"
4. Media Fluency
6. Digital Ethics
5. Creativity Fluency
3. Collaboration Fluency
Developing Basic Digital Skills
1. Solution Fluency
refers to the capacity and
creativity in problem solving
the ability to find,evaluate
and use digital information effectively,efficiently and
3 Subsets of Skills
Access information

Retrieve information

Reflect on,assess and rewrite
refers to teamwork with virtual or real partners in the online environment
refers to channels of mass communication that is needed for an analytical mind, to evaluate the message in a chosen media,and creative ability to publish digital messages
refers to artistic proficiency that adds meaning by way of design,art, and
story-telling to package of message
it is guided by principles of leadership,
global responsibility, environmental awareness, global citizenship and
personal accountability
Higher Thinking Skills
By developing higher thinking skills, the schools today can inculcate the digital fluencies, while overcoming limitations inherent in digital technology, resulting in superficial and mediocre learning skills of new learners.
Bantayan, Genevieve A.
Bayawa, Jocelyn S.
The structured problem solving process
known as 4D's also exemplifies shift in digital
Define the problem
Design the solution
Do the work
Debrief on the outcome
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