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film tourism presentation

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Elenor Aquilina

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of film tourism presentation

tourism Introduction Tourism makes up 10% of the world's GDP and employes more than 200 million individuals.

In Malta, tourism contributes to 10.8% of total GDP and employs approximately 24,000 individuals, totaling to 15.1% of total employment of the island.

It is one of the pillars of Maltese economy.

Malta's main markets are sun and sea, Meetings Incentives, Conferences and Entertainment, English learning, culture, sports and cruise tourism. Film tourism - Terminologies ''A post-modern experience of a place that has been depicted in some form of media presentation- an experience that is highly personalised and unique to each individual based on their own interpretation and consumption of media images'' Film tourism: Film production: Film production is the core branch of cinematography and encapsulates various types of motion pictures, including films, adverts, series, short films etc. It is important to differentiate one from the other because each motion picture impacts its viewers differently. Film destination: A film tourism destination can be simply defined as a destination which is associated with anything shown on screen (Gjorgievski, 2011). Basically, locations where production shooting has taken place can eventually become film tourist destinations. Film tourists '' Tourists whose travel motivation was film-induced'' Malta's film product Malta's film locations Themes of film tourism Effects of film on tourism numbers Competition http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/filmmap/film_map.shtml Stakeholders Improvements Sense of place Information available Dedicated film tourism website Restoration Accessibility Accommodation Conclusion Film location tourism is still an emerging niche
Great potential for Malta - opportunity to move away from the sea/sun/sand brand
Restoration on film locations
Target specific markets for film tourism Thank you for your attention Fort Ricasoli Mediterranean Film Studios Fort St.Elmo Mdina Golden bay Popeye Village St.Mary's Tower Azure window
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