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1.Thermal Master

ELT1111D Presentation

Wanho Cheung

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of 1.Thermal Master

Thermal Master Flow of Presentation 1. Introduction 2. Description on Thermal Master 3. Structure and Operation Details 4. Conclusion Introduction Why use Thermal Master? Global warming… We have to save our Earth! Fact According to Friends of the Earth (HK)
Air conditioning contributes 60% of electricity consumption of Hong Kong in summer Hong Kong Observatory predicted that…
No more winter in Hong Kong within 50 years!!! Weakness of Current Air Conditioner Main weakness Most of them emit energy directly to the surroundings
Not fully utilized Waste a lot of energy!
Other weakness Air is a poor conductor of heat Directly release heat to the air Overheat of the pipes More energy is required for cooling down power efficiency Weakness of Current Water Heater Direct use of fossil fuel or electricity Heater does not operate when the temperature reaches certain level Cannot have cooling function at the same time
All the above contributes to our new product…
Thermal Master! 1st: Refrigerant absorbs indoor heat and then evaporated.
2nd: The refrigerant is compressed.
3rd: The refrigerant loses heat by condensation and the thermal energy is used for water heating.
4th: Hot water is stored temporarily in the water tank.
5th: The refrigerant then absorbs indoor heat again and the whole cycle is repeating. How does it work? It's the same as usual split-type air-con.
The volume of the water tank is about 0.5 meter cube. How big is it? The indoor-unit is located indoor while the other parts are installed outdoor. It is similar to a normal split-type air conditioner. A 3-components device:
water tank How is the structure? Air-conditioning
Heating water up
Dehumidifying Funcitons? Thermal Master Name of the product? Design And Operation Detail Thermal Master = Air conditioner + Water heater Operation Target Continuous high efficiency air cooling Continuous high efficiency water heating Structure Why Thermal Master Normal Mode Heater Mode Saturation mode Great Flexibility Conclusion Target users Residental Uses
Commercial Uses Benefits Don't take up a lot of room
Higher energy efficiency
Generally not noisy
Reliable and easy to repair
Safer and easier to use Challenges Have problems when using in cold climate
The initial price of purchasing Master is high
Difficult to persuade the owners to replace the conventional air conditioner with Thermal Master Suggestion for government Provide subsidy for the buyer
Install the Thermal Masters for the office building as exemplary
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