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How to Play Cosplay Chess

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Juanpablo Arteaga

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of How to Play Cosplay Chess

Cosplay chess is a form of chess in which people in costumes take the place of pieces. Cosplay chess is typically played outdoors or indoors, either on a large chessboard or on the ground, and is often played at Renaissance fairs. Many human chess games are choreographed stage shows performed by actors trained in stage combat. When this is the case, piece captures are represented by choreographed fights that determine whether the piece is actually taken or not.
How to Play Cosplay Chess
Chloe Baltazar vs Neftali Lopez will be this years Chess Masters a.k.a your leaders. They will be the only ones who will be playing chess.
Chess Masters
Students & other Staff signed-up will be the chess pieces & have to do orders from the chess masters.
Chess Pieces
Once a chess piece move is made by a chess master into another chess piece, a battle will occur. It must be at least 3 minutes. The attacker always win.
Chess Battle
Students have to remember where they left off, meaning which spot where you left off and continue on.
After the Battle
How to Play Cosplay Chess
The host will start the introduction of how will the game works, then the host will announce the 2 Masters
Where we Take Place
In the Beginning of Fall Festival on Friday, we all must meet up in the MPR and we will tell you which piece are you, if you want to ask us now what piece you want to be, Ok. If the tournament is later been "checkmate" we can play again or enjoy the rest of the festival
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