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The Fault in our Stars

No description

Shauna Whitty

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars By John Green
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Hazel Grace
Augustus Waters 'Gus'
Man vs Nature: Hazel is battling thyroid cancer which meets in her lungs.

I think this Book can be for both male and female, and age group of 14 and so on, I will definitely read more John Green books and recommend this book to anybody its the type of book you cant put down
Hazel is a 16 year old girl who has Thyroid Cancer which meets in her lungs she was diagnosed when she was 13 at the same time she does not sit around and ask for pity for herself She tries to approach it wit humor. Her favorite novel is Imperial Fiction written by Peter Van Houten. She wants to meet Peter and see how his book ends.
I didn't tell him the diagnoses came 3 months after my first period. Like: Congratulations! You're a woman now die "
Augustus is a 17 year old boy who has osteosarcoma which is bone cancer.He had one of his legs amputated. He has a 80% chance of survival. Augustus is very romantic and to Hazel he is very hot.
"Long and leanly muscular.. Mahogany hair straight and short"

" His voice was low, Smoky and dead sexy"
Isaac is a 17 year old boy who has cancer in his eye and is a good friend of Augustus. Isaac gets surgery on his eye to remove the cancer and then becomes blind. He meets Hazel in support group.

"Im just saying id rather be deaf then blind if I had a choice which I realize I don't have"
"People talk about the courage of cancer patients and I do not deny that courage. I have been poked poisoned and stabbed for years and I still trod on"
Man vs Self: 'An Imperial Affliction' end in mid sentence so hazel has so any unanswered questions for the author about the book and the ending
Man vs Self: Hazel tires not to build a relationship with Augutus so there will be one less 'Scar' left after she dies
"Anna's mom, the dutch tulip man, Sisyphus the Hamster, I mean just - what happens to everyone"
"Being mean hadn't worked. I needed a answer. I'd come all this way, hijacked Augustus's wish. I needed to know "
"My name is Hazel. I'm sixteen. Thyroid with meets in my lungs. I'm okay"
"I wanted to know that he would be okay if I died. I wanted not to be a grenade , to not be a malevolent force in the lives of people I loved"
Pain demands to be felt: Issac struggles with his eye surgery and Hazel struggles with her lung cancer and Augustus is struggling with his returning cancer, these friends don't let cancer stop them from living there lives
Love Triumphs over struggle and hardship
"Its a metaphor see; You put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don't give it the power to do its killing "
"Maybe okay will be our always"
The beginning of the story gives us the impression or the insight of the main character, it started with Hazels view on cancer and depression

"When ever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever they always list depression amoung the side effects of cancer. But, in fact depression is a side effect of dying"
Rising Action

Hazel goes to support group to find a guy staring at her, which she found weird, the confrontion of the staring led to Hazel and Augustus relationship

Rising Action
Another rising action is when Hazel gives Augustus 'An Imperial Fiction' and he reads the book in which he likes and e-mails Peter Van Houten to see how the book ends and they get invited to Amsterdam
"He has a assistant Lidewiji Vilegenthart. I found her and e-mailed her acccount. She gave Peter the e-mail"
"I grabbed a cookie and poured some lemonade into a dixie cup and then turned around A boy was staring at me"
This is a church in Indianapolis, Hazel attends support group in a church "Heart of Jesus and meet Augustus
This is a picture of Anne Franks house where Hazel and Augustus visited while in Amsterdam
Hazel is Depressed and doesn't want to do anything besides stay in bed.
Hazel is suffering from thyroid cancer
Falling Action
Hazel was heartbroken to see the pain the Augustus was going through, its hard for a person to see the one they love battiling against cancer, all Hazel could do was watch him get weaker and sicker, this was a very unexpected.
"The Speedway at Eighty-sixth and Ditch. I did something wrong with the G-tube and I cant figure it out"
Gus calls Hazel for help because his G-tube had a infection.
Augustus death was hard for Hazel,at his funeral Peter Van Houten showed up and told Hazel that his book was reflection of his daughter who died of cancer and then Hazel realized he turned to alcohol for comfort.
"I told him that he owed it to his dead daughter to read this letter from a dead boy.."
This is the letter Augustus sent to Peter that peter read after Augustus died
The climax in the Novel is when Hazel and Augustus go to Amsterdam and visit Van Houten, although Hazel was hoping that the trip would be amazing and unforgettable, Augustus breaks the news to her that his cancer has come back and he does not have very much time to live
Favourite Passgae
My Favourite Passage from the novel is when Augustus takes Hazel on a trip to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten and find out the ending. This is my favourite part because it shows what Augustus is willing to do to bring out the best in Hazel and to see her happy for the time she has left to live
"Now I'm not going to give you my wish or anything. But I also have an intrest in meeting Peter Van Houten, and it wouldnt make sense to meet him without the girl who introduced me to his book"
Hazel and Augustus having dinner in Amsterdam before meeting Peter thanks to Augustus
"I lit up ever like a Christmas tree, Hazel Graace. The lining of my chest, my left hip,my liver,everywhere.
When Gus felt a ache in his hip he had PET scan
I really
really really
liked him....Having A Voice That Made My Skin Feel More Like Skin. And I lked that he had two names"
Hazel and Augustus have a amazing relationship, he shows her that there is more to life then staying home and letting the cancer consume you.They are each unbeatable and will sit by each other side every step of the way
Hazel and Ausgustus say "Okay" which mean to them forever and Always
Augustus caries a pack of cigarettes but wont smoke them he wont let them kill him
Hazel has a wall built and tries not to fall for Augustus but she cant help herself starts to hangout with him more and more
Hazel is frustrated with her question not answered that she came so far for
Hazels Cancer ribbion
Isaac is blind in one eye
Gus has a prosthetic leg and meets Hazel in support group and stares at her
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