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America was justified for fighting the British

No description

Hamilton Walker

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of America was justified for fighting the British

America becoming Independent
By Hamilton Walker
Mrs. Johnson
US Honors History 3rd period

Unfair Taxation
-The British were in debt from the French-Indian War

-Needed money quickly

-Their solution was to tax the American colonists

-The British changed the taxes from 8 pence per head to 20 pence per head
French-Indian War
The Declaration of Independence
-Signed on July 4, 1776

-A draft of the declaration for independence for America from Great Britain

British Reaction to the Declaration
-A messenger brought the Declaration of Independence to the King of Britain

-The King refused to look at it or acknowledge its existence

-This led to even higher tension between America and Great Britain
No Taxation without Representation
-This statement is the resentment of American colonists at being taxed by Britain

-Americans had no say in the taxes and no representation in Parliament to change the taxation

Right or Wrong?
America was right for fighting the British in the American revolution because...

1. Unfair taxation

2. British Tyranny

3. It was a necessity for America to become independent

Colonists Reaction to British Tyranny
British Taxation
British Taxation: Stamp Act
-Lawyers and Merchants have to buy stamps for documents

-Not a high tax but still got the Colonists angry
British Taxation: Tea Act
-The Tea Act was a tax on tea that lowered the price

-Colonists did not care because it was still another taxation
- Eliminated the illegal sugar trade
between French and the Colonists

-Enforcement was hardened on sugar which damaged the sugar growth and lowered the duty on molasses
British Taxation:Sugar Act
-The British made out multiple
"Acts" that taxed on imported goods

-These "Acts" were forced upon the Colonists

Colonists reaction
-The Colonists were angered and full of hatred to the British

-The people began revolting and protesting
Boston Tea Party
-On December 16, 1773, 3 groups of
50 men threw tea of a British ship into a harbor

-British were furious and demanded repayment

-The Colonists never repaid
British Tyranny
-The British had no respect for Colonists

-Forceful and superior attitude towards Americans
British Tyranny: Townshend Act
-Great Britain required people to house soldiers

-The Colonists had to provide supplies for the soldiers

-Angered the Colonists heavily
British Tyranny: Intolerable Acts
-The response to the Boston Tea Party
-Closed the port of Boston
-Reduced self-government autonomy
-Anyone accused of a crime had to be tried in England
-Troops must be shelters by Colonists
-The last straw for all the colonists

-Angered the people even more

-Something must be changed
Led to the American Revolution
-Colonists knew the only way to change was war

-Britain was not listening or respecting them


-Battle between America and Great Britain

-America defeated the British and became an independent nation
American Revolution
-The start of all the tension

-A battle between Britain,
France, and America

-America and France won
with Britain suffering many hardships of defeat
The Colonists were justified to fight the British in the American Revolution.
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