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War and Media

No description

Svea Kröpke

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of War and Media

War and Media
Svea Kröpke
IELS: 53-583
1. Definitions of war and media
2. How are war and media related?
3. What characterizes the relation of war
Group Work 1
4. Examples
- Third Crusade
- Hundred Years´ War
- Iraq War
5. Conclusion
Group Work 2
The main means of mass communication (television, radio, and newspapers) regarded collectively
A state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country
Definitions of War and Media
How are war and media related?
1. information
2. propaganda
giving people of affected and unaffected countries information about the state of affairs
influencing people in their opinion
convincing of need to fight
What characterizes the relation of
war and media?

- freedom of press
Groupwork 1:
Think about aspects that influence or characterize the relation between war and media

- ...
5 minutes
Thank you for your attention
Groupwork 2:

Look at the pictures.

What kinds of media can you see?
Do they have an informative character, are they propaganda or something else?
What or who may have influenced them?
How are they related to the topic "War and Media"?
5 minutes
Iraq War
Iraq War
Third Crusade
Hundred Years´ War
Third Crusade
Hundred Years´ War
and media?
1189 - 1192
What media presents about war, depends on many points, and it is difficult to find the truth.
The instruments of information and propaganda have changed, but the intentions are still very similar.
Balabanova, Ekaterina. Media, Wars and Politics: Comparing the Incomparable in Western and Eastern Europe. Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2007. Print.

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: pope wanting to improve religious and economic situation
- calling on emperors of Holy Roman Empire
and kings of France and England
: pictures/ letters
: question about the allowance of influence that the English throne had on France
- resulting in civil war between two French camps
: final separation of France and England
: no recapture of Jerusalem, new place of pilgrimage
: letters/picture/ placards
Joan of Arc
- not just symbol
specific to
: kings, soldiers and people
specific to:
kings, (military regime)
: alleged weapons of mass destruction
phase 1
: invasion of the US-> downfall of Hussein
phase 2
: stabilization of administration, leaving of
phase 3:
civil war-like conditions, expansion
specific to:
newspaper, TV, radio, internet and social media, war correspondents
everyone, citizens, voters
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