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connor grabe

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

1. How do you believe you have changed from the beginning of the year?
I think I believe that I have changed a lot from the beginning of the year because I know more stuff and I'm getting better grades. End of the year project!!!!! 2. Who are the people who have been with you the most throughout the year?
Their are a lot of people that have been with me threw out the year but mostly my mom,sisters,and my brother and my friends. 3. What are some things you learned in each of your classes?
in Science I learned that pollution is really bad.In Soc Studies I learned how long world war1 lasted for.In math I learned that it is really important and that a huming bird weights less than 1 penny. And I learned a lot in reading in
competers i learned a lot of short cuts. 4. What are some lessons you learned outside of class/outside of school?
I learned outside of school that you never give up 1 bad day don't means you stop because in life your gonna have some bad days you just cant let them get to you. 5. Who was the most influential person to you during the year? Why? How?
My Mom because she told me to keep going and she pushes me throw everything when ever im down i talk to her about it and it makes me feel better if i ever need someone to talk to its her 6. What is your most memorable moment in school this year? Describe.
It would probley be when we went to michigan state univirsity i had tons of laughs and i had fun exploring it with my friends. 7. What is your most memorable moment outside of school this year? Describe.
When my mom told me that i get to come back home and live with her!!!!!!(: 8. What did you like most about this year? Why?
what i liked most about this year was that i have a lot of classes with my friends. 9. What did you like least about this year? Why?
we did not get many feild trips and we didn't have much assembleys. 10. Any other thoughts, stories, etc you wish to share with the class or family.
I liked how we went to MSU but I think that next year we should go to MU and if we do go to MSU next year I think we should be able to shoot hoops in the basketball court and we should go to the football stauidum.
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