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the cover letter adventure

a brief overview of what i have been up to. in treasure hunting / adventure form.

Joshua Peters

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of the cover letter adventure

and have have shown my work here:
Busaca Gallery - San Francisco, CA. 2009
Luxor Style Gallery - Dallas, TX. 2008
Yumi Gallery - Japan. 2008
The Bright Art - Jersey City, NJ. 2008
First Floor Gallery - Chelsea, NY. 2007
The White Room - Brooklyn, NY. 2007
Shimna Architecture and Design - Soho, NY. 2006
Agora Gallery - Chelsea, NY. 2005
Magazine 1975 - Winter, 2011 (photography)
Ruminate Arts Magazine - Spring, 2008 (Painting)
Caroline By Committee - Film, 2006 (Painting)
The Mathew Portraits - Theater, 2005 (Painting)

the cover letter adventure
enter...if you dare...
I spent the last 12 years doing mainly this...
then i got into directing commercials for Mattel.
i am also an illustrator, painter and photographer.
don't be afraid
to get out of
the boat.

Hey! Over here! I'm
Josh and here is a little about me...

I was born here
well, here to be exact.
I went to graduate school
and yes, with
it was great!
and it lead to this...
First, you should get
to know your guide...me.
and built my experience here...
and i taught
acting and performance for these respectable institutions:
developing and directing commercials for:
i even won a few
marketing awards.
here is some of in picture form.
But check out my work!

SO, in short. I have over a decade of experience and practice as a performer, story analyst, coach and teacher.
3 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company creating fun and engaging
plus, i have directed commercials, cast actors, designed sets and revised scripts.
and working as
a visual artist for 12 years. Showing my work in magazines, galleries and film.
But, who am I?
What do I like besides what
you see here?
well I love the outdoors,
I like helping others, I love
adventure, road trips, the green
bay packers, history, new orleans,
dodge ball, creating theme nights,
overcast days and not being bored.
Why I would be a great Visual Storyteller for Eventbrite.
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