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Horror Movie Breakdown

No description

Danielle del Prado

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Horror Movie Breakdown

Who, What, When, Where, and Why
You find a dead body and instead of calling for the police...
You pass through an abandoned town & run out of petrol...
Generally people the ages 15-25
The preppy popular chick
Usually occurs at night
Or/and when the characters are least expecting it.
Unknown town
Killer likes to play creepy games
Killer wants Revenge
You figure out his secrets
The killer is psycho
Your new neighbor starts asking odd questions & invites you over...
If you have any luck, you and your friends wont end up dead.
John Franklin
Horror Movie Breakdown
Generally: Group of High School Students
or Young Adults
The Jock
Cop who is on the killer's side
African American
Creepy teen who you think is the killer, but isn't
Boyfriend & Girlfriend
The unbelieving parents
The kid that angered the serial killer
The kid that knows the truth
The crazy serial killer
The nerd that lives next door
Dumb blonde
Scenarios in horror films are often presented due to the protagonist giving into a temptation or curiosity...
Your friend disappears, instead of getting help...
You hear a noise upstairs and instead of ignoring it...
You go out with a bunch of friends to have a good time, in the woods...
You allow yourself to end up in a provocative situation...
Suburb with mysterious neighbors
Dead end = Lost
Abandoned place
Dark creepy house
Ghost town
Target Audience:
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