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My view for Rufford

No description

Bate Neil

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of My view for Rufford

Vision for Teaching and learning Mathematics
For all children, Mathematics should be lively, engaging and involves carefully planned approaches that direct children's learning...expectations are high for all and progress is made by all children.

Therefore our curriculum must foster fascination and the excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts right throughout the school.
I will aim to ensure a 'can do ' attitude and for the children to perceive them selves as mathematicians.

Develop a curriculum that will broaden children's knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world.
Support and develop children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through frequent practice to empower them to recall and apply their knowledge rapidly and accurately.
Ensure pupils are actively involved in assessing their own learning and,where appropriate, encouraged to derive their own 'Thinking Pink ' targets to be achieved by agreed date with the class teacher.
Teachers should actively be searching for next steps in the children's learning to progress their conceptual understanding.

Numeracy or Mathematics?
How do we get ready?
Working partnership
Secondary school Partnerships

Keeping the 'Good stuff'

Develop pathways

Build on strengths on staff within school

Share and build on good practice
Preparing for Ofsted
OFSTED found that schools who achieved good or outstanding, taught calculation well because...
Schools recognised the importance of
moving children towards more efficient methods.

These schools had
, coherent calculation policies.

Schools recognise the the importance of g
ood subject knowledg
e and
subject-specific teaching skills
and seek to enhance these aspects of subject expertise.

Next steps
Ensure children learn to calculate in parallel to their understanding and reasoning.

must know
their times tables and number bonds. Instant recall is essential.

Children must have developed a quick method that
works for them. Each child may have a different method and that is OK.
My vision of Mathematics
for Rufford Primary School
Ensure that children feel
enough to follow through a line of enquiry, being confident enough to identify relationships and generalisations whilst being able to use
mathematical vocabulary to justify
their reasoning.

Its vital we empower them
with the tool of discussion
in seeking solutions to problems.
Skill set
Subject discipline
Children have to be secure with and 'happy and at home ' with number
"Of greater importance than having a policy, though, is the way the staff in schools
work together
to adapt the policy or guidance on teaching approaches for the pupils in the school. This work is often led by a teacher who has specialist knowledge. A crucial element is the involvement of all staff in
professional development
on aspects of the policy."
Neil Bate
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