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north american plate

No description

rocky noriega

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of north american plate

The North American Plate is a tectonic plate covering most of North America, Greenland, Cuba, the nd and the Azores. It extends eastward to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Westward to the Chersky Range in Eastern Siberia. The plate includes both continental and oceanic crust.
What is the North American plate?
Inactive Boundiries

It is clear that the area around the Appalachian mountains was once a subduction zone even though it has not been active for the last 250 million years.
The once quiet, Appalachian passive margin changed to a very active plate boundary when a neighboring oceanic plate, the Iapetus, collided with and began sinking beneath the North American craton.
History of natural disasters
In hawaii,there is tons of volcanos in the state/island
meaning there is lots of convergent.
North American Plate
Extra Info
The North American plate move only west
the size is Approx. Area 75,900,000 km
it is a major type of plate tetonics
by Rocky Noriega, Noah Sullivan, and Warren Barber
Located as the san Andreas fault
The North American plate travels 15-25mm/year
Here is some
facts that you not might know
nateral disasters in canada
1732 September 16 Montreal earthquake, Quebec
1775 Eruption of the Tseax Cone, British Columbia (one of Canada's worst known geophysical disasters)
1906 September 25 Sternwheeler Columbian disaster at Eagle Rock on the Yukon River, Yukon
1907 August 29 First Quebec Bridge Collapse
1910 March 4 Rogers Pass avalanche, BC
1912 April 15 Sinking of the RMS Titanic off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
1912 June 30 Regina Cyclone
1913 November The Great Lakes Storm of 1913
1925 February 2 Charlevoix–Kamouraska earthquake, Quebec
1929 November 18 Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami, Burin Peninsula
1946 June 23 Vancouver Island earthquake, British Columbia
1954 Hurricane Hazel
2010 September 21 Hurricane Igor Cape Race, Newfoundland

Hurricane Galveston - Sept. 8, 1900
Hurricane Katrina - Aug. 29, 2005
Great San Francisco Earthquake - April 18, 1906
Okeechobee Hurricane - September 16, 1928
1887 Sonora earthquake
1892 Laguna Salada earthquake
1911 Guerrero earthquake
1911 Michoacán earthquake
1931 Oaxaca earthquake
1937 Orizaba earthquake
1940 El Centro earthquake
1941 Colima earthquake
1942 Guatemala earthquake
1964 Guerrero earthquake
1965 Oaxaca earthquake
1973 Veracruz earthquake
1979 Imperial Valley earthquake
1980 Oaxaca earthquake
1981 Playa Azul earthquake
1995 Chiapas earthquake
1995 Guerrero earthquake
1999 Oaxaca earthquake
1999 Tehuacán earthquake
2009 Guerrero earthquake
2009 Gulf of California earthquake
2010 Baja California earthquake
2010 Oaxaca earthquake
2011 Guerrero earthquake
2011 Zumpango earthquake
2012 Guerrero–Oaxaca earthquake
2012 Michoacán earthquake
2014 Mexico–Guatemala earthquake
2014 Guerrero earthquake
a volcanic eruption
Colima volcano in western Mexico was one
of the most active volcanoes in the region
no tsunamis in mexico
warning systems in mexico
there is alot of wrning systems in mexico but theyre lucky because they have maximum protection in alot of warning systems
this icon is known as the
Distant Early Warning Line
as you see in this icon, they have the early alert system that shows there is the emergency alert system (a.k.a EAS) which they can alert us BEFORE it happens. once they observed the disasters thats about to come, they will send us a text, or show it on live television(tv)
warning system in canada
if you see here, then there is alot of warning systems in northern canada t alert the citizens of a
Active boundaries are mostly found in the "Ring of Fire" so that means it will be in the west of the north American plate
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