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Chinese People on the Goldfields

Chinese people on the goldfields were treated badly

georgia m

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Chinese People on the Goldfields

Chinese People on the Goldfields Chinese diggers were treated poorly on the goldfields. Why were the Chinese treated so horribly? They spoke a different language
They looked different
The Chinese were Buddhist, and not Christian
The Chinese also worked more thoroughly, and found more gold The Chinese sent gold back to China, because the government paid the money for the voyage from Australia to China and back. They were born and raised in China, which means they didn't speak or read English. The Chinese lived in harsher conditions The Chinese had different looks. The Chinese found more gold than the Europeans Why did the Chinese have different looks? The Chinese had different looks because they had long plaits going down their back called queues . Why did the Chinese have 'queues'? The Chinese had queues to protect them from bush rangers, anarchists and murderers. The Chinese didn't dig very far down
their shafts, in the fear of the
'mountain gods'. They also were afraid of
bad spirits. The Chinese are Buddhist, therefore they were different to the Europeans. Chinese people were treated very unfairly Life was very different for the Chinese One day, in 1861, there was an outraged mob, that rampaged through Lambing Flat. The mob attacked the Chinese and cut off their 'queues'. This caused a tax on new Chinese migrants in New South Wales. Several Chinese miners were injured and some killed.
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