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Salvatore Babones

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of 1002-Assignment

Assignment 1 ... and Introduction to 'Personal Lives'

"Refers to the relationships which people value highly and where they can find intimacy, support, understanding and companionship."

The textbook emphasizes movement away from the "traditional" model that personal lives are rooted in permanent two-person heterosexual unions . . . but is that such a traditional model?
Personal lives
. . .

1000-1200 word research project and paper (15% of final mark)
Due electronically via Blackboard dropbox on Monday 27 August 2012 at 10:00 pm
Late marks begin to accrue immediately at a rate of 2 points per business day
Scheduled return date: Tuesday 11 September 2012
Your research paper will focus on communities, occupations, and income levels. You will use real social science data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct a small study of the distribution of occupations and average pay levels in three or more communities. For convenience, we will operationalize a 'community' as a postcode.

No papers can be accepted after Monday 10 September; if your paper is later than this for ANY reason whatsoever you will have to complete a substitute assignment.
Step A

Step B

Step C

Step D

Step E

Step F - Submit your paper!
Choose several Australian postcodes (three or more) to compare. Some suggestions:
Compare urban, periurban, and rural postcodes in the same metropolitan area
Compare Aboriginal versus nearby non-Aboriginal rural postcodes
Compare similar postcodes across different states and territories
Compare three beach community postcodes in different states
Compare postcodes in the northern, eastern, and western suburbs
Do a similar comparison for suburbs of Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
Compare the central postcodes of state capital cities
Compare adjoining postcodes of your own home area
Obtain and print out the full QuickStats report for your chosen postcodes. You should read all of the statistics included in the report, but we are particularly interested in two sections:
OCCUPATION (Employed persons aged 15 years and over)
INCOME (Population aged 15 years and over)

Conduct academic library research related to your topic. For your paper, you are required to cite at least five relevant academic sources, among them:
One academic book (not a textbook, reference book, or one of the assigned books)
Two academic journal articles
At least two other academic references (academic books or journal articles)

Write a paper that includes four sections:
Methods and Results
Interpretation and Conclusion
Making sure you follow the UoS style guide
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
Collaborator of Karl Marx, but also perhaps the first sociologist of the family
Stages of history:

Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
Types of family:

Engels considered the pairing family to be the basis of private property -- and thus capitalism
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