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A Short Digest of A Long Novel

No description

Rayver Remillard

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of A Short Digest of A Long Novel

What is the Importance of the Jumping Game?
Author's Summary
Short Summary
In this short story the Jumping has as a couple of meaning and the one that is most relevant is the lost of her innocence. We could also see the jumping game has the creation of stronger bond and trust between father and daughter.
Stronger Bons
-You can always have someone to trust
-whether its family or friend
- they'll always be someone to catch you
-increased and deepened their bond
-She'd give her complete trust
Lost of her Innocence
-She was so young
-Never faced somebody imperfections
-We are all born pure until we get damage by others
- "Some of us appear in beautiful colors, too, or with beautiful grains,but we develop imperfections"(9).
-Billy imperfections ruined her innocence

A Short Digest of A Long Novel
By; Budd Schulberg

-Relationship between father and daughter.
-She was pure; Didn't know the nature of humans
-had to face reality too fast.
-Born in New York City march 27, 1914
-His father was head of paramount studios
-had varied career; a short story writer, playwright, travel writer, boxing editor and a screen play writer
- Died on August 5, 2009
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