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Developing Digital Literacies: The potential role of learning technologists

All Wales Learning Technologists Forum - 19.3.15

Joe Nicholls

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Developing Digital Literacies: The potential role of learning technologists

The things staff/students do
Academic Staff
Communication and
Knowledge Gap

The Digidol project will establish an institution-wide, strategically-driven, systematic and sustainable approach for contextualising and embedding Digital Literacy into four core aspects of Cardiff’s educational provision:

the development of academic staff;
the development of undergraduate and postgraduate taught students (through curriculum design);
the development of postgraduate research students;
and the development of administrative, managerial and support staff.

Learning Technologists
System Administrator
Graphic Artist
Project Manager
Problems, tasks and practices specific to domain of learning and work.

They want to know...

- what is available?
- what can it help me do?
- where can I find it?
- how do I use it?
- who can help me?
- who can do it for me?

Nurture communities
of interest and practice
Model and represent practices
and associate with services
Build a knowledge hub
Create a conversation space
Exploring the potential role of Learning Technologists in developing digital literacies
Joe Nicholls
Principal Consultant: Digital Enablement
Library Service, Cardiff University

Tel: 029 20870266
Twitter: @joenicholls
"Digital literacies are those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society." (Jisc)
see: Developing digital literacies - http://www.jisc.ac.uk/guides/developing-digital-literacies
Librarians, IT Trainers, Study skills advisors, Research Support, Staff Development, Careers and Employability, and...
Think Digital
The knowledge and skills people need
Digital Literacies ('capabilities')
"Just a quick question. An academic member of staff here has asked about discussion boards and how when he tries to get something going it ends up as “tumbled weed rolling through the discussion board” (a great turn of phrase I think!)."

"Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has any good examples of how a discussion board is used or maybe knows a member of staff who is using discussion boards effectively (and how they have done this!)."
"There's been plenty of discussion about this over the years, and engagement of students in discussion boards is always an interesting issue..."

"There have been lots of papers written on this very thing, but ultimately I think it boils down to students having the motivation to be there (regularly) and take part. Really, that means discussion needs to be an embedded part of the course/module curriculum design..."

"One example where it might be effective to use is for formative assessment activities (possibly as a course requirement worth a small amount of credit)..."
"Thanks for this response – it’s really interesting and informative!"

"I have had a wide range of responses from other LT’s from the CoP (they have all been very helpful!) and there is certainly food for thought there."
Think of a practice...
e.g., 'What's involved in doing a presentation?'
We know what services are available, but what is it that staff and students want to do?
The things we provide
Adapted from Beetham and Sharpe (2009)
n.b. There are multiple kinds of literacies = Learning Literacies
Holistic and integrated approach required!
"I was once called a learning technologist!"
Previous university education strategy
An email conversation between learning technologists
Integrate common, high utility practices as a vehicle for developing digital literacies (in conjunction with other literacies), e.g. producing a presentation and presenting
Learning Activity Design
Beetham (2007)
Collaborating with academic educators
Learning Technologists collaborating with educators and students to develop digital literacies
Initiate, facilitate and sustain conversations with staff and students about their practices.
Model and represent practices and map them to available services.
Develop required practices by integrating them into learning activities and in the process nurture desirable attributes and identities.
Promote awareness of useful services, enable access, develop skills needed to use services
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