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What should students learn?

No description

Patricia Aceves

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of What should students learn?

What Should My Students Learn?
An Introduction to Writing Learning Outcomes

Step 1
Writing Student Learning Outcomes
What should students have learned at the end of your course?
What knowledge, skills & attitudes should they have mastered?

See: Stony Brook Curriculum Syllabus Template
Step 2
Assessing Student Learning
How will you know if your students
have mastered these knowledge, skills & abilities?

What assignments, activities, exams will demonstrate that they have mastered the content?
What activities can you include that will provide you with on-going feedback on their learning?
Step 3
Aligning Course Content & Technology
What content - lectures, books, materials, activities - are appropriate to ensure successful achievement of learning outcomes?

What technologies are appropriate to facilitate student learning?

Tip: If it doesn't directly support students
achieving the outcomes, don't use it!


Formative and Summative Assessments
What did you learn about
your students' learning?

Use results &
feedback to inform
changes to your course
What action/verb/behavior will the student perform in order to achieve the outcome?

Students will _________
How well must the student perform in order to be successful?

Students will correctly conduct 3 out of 4 lab experiments
What limitation/given/condition will the student need to be successful?

Given a pipette, students will dispense liquid with 95% accuracy
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